Life is certainly hard. But not as hard as choosing the best high heels for your outfit from that large collection of Jimmy Choo to Manolo are sitting in your wardrobe. Many ladies out there prefer wearing high heels on several occasions because you know; heels make you look 10 times more attractive.

But with wearing regular heels come the nightmare of foot ache and sometimes more complex feet issues depending upon the severity of your problem. However, most females fear losing high heels. A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that some 42 percent of women agreed that they were wearing a pair they wanted, even if it caused them pain.

Despite the struggle, it is really not easy to simply give up wearing heels. The struggle is real, especially when there are new designs and colors launched every month by your favorite designer. So, before you get your hands on that latest Gucci footwear, here are a few tips that you need to consider.

Choose the best fit

Give yourself enough time to choose from various sizes and get yourself the pair that fits you the best. If heels are too lose for you or you feel suffocated when you wear them, it causes immense pain in the toes. Not only this but wearing a pair of heels that do not fit you according to your size may give discomfort while walking. How could you slay them heels if you can’t carry them? Choose from the variety of sizes that you think would fit and go for the coziest and best-looking pair out there.

Soak the Feet

Last night’s party gone fantastic, didn’t it? While you allow yourself time to go through your social media posts about the entire event, soak your feet in warm water. Fill a tub with warm water, vinegar, and Epsom salt and dip your feet in the solution for a while. The way it works is that Magnesium present in the Epsom salt reduces inflammation and cramps occurring from sore muscles while the vinegar is just too give the entire cleaning process a smooth edge by helping to kill bacteria and germs on the feet.

Consult Orthopedic Regularly

While you must be wondering why you need to visit an orthopedic, if there are no bones fractured, here is what you need to know. Wearing heels regularly means that the bones in your feet are at an inclined position, which can gain permanency. Not only can this, but overweight females who love wearing heels have problems with their bones and balance structure. An orthopedic will help you in making sure that all the bones are healthy and that the bone structure of your feet is perfectly aligned. There are numerous orthopedic hospitals present everywhere.

Exercise those feet

As soon as you realize that you have mastered your regular training routine, there is foot endurance and flexibility exercises that you need to start pumping as quickly as possible. The strength of your feet is a great way to make yourself comfortable, even in heels. Consider models, supermodels that have this ability to wear high heels at any occasion for any duration possible. They all know one thing – and that is training their feet for any scenario. Once your feet are strong enough to handle it, there will be no issues in slaying those heels at any situation at hand.

Help the blood flow around

When you are trying to relax after a long withstanding day in heels, consider putting some pillows under your feet. This would help in the circulation of blood and therefore lead to more relaxed feet. Putting feet at a bit of a higher level than your average sitting position can help your venous system bring back some blood from the lower body to your heart. This will help in reducing the swelling as well as deal with the regulation of heart circulation.

Use Insoles

Insoles are readily available at any typical drugstore. All you have to do is purchase the most suitable for your shoes as well as the feet. Consider what would totally comfort your feet and not destroy the look of what you are wearing. You can also visit your orthopedic hospital and seek for a few brand recommendations. A suitable insole would provide your feet with more shock captivation, and it divides the weight evenly across the balls of the feet rather than just implying all of the pressure on the tiny toes. If your shoes are not supporting the addition of an insole, you need to recheck your foot size as you have purchased shoes smaller than your regular size.


Stretching never did any man wrong – especially not women looking forward to relaxing after a hard day of wearing heels. Make yourself comfortable and rest your feel by stretching and massaging the influenced areas regularly for 15 to 20 minutes, at least. Some of the most common foot stretches includes:

  • Toe splay.
  • Toe curls.
  • Marble pickup.
  • Sand walking.


High heels do not hurt your feet once you take them off at the end of a very long day, and therefore it is essential to monitor for any indications of long term damage. The first thing that females experience is tension and discomfort on their footballs, as typical shoes strain the bones too much, and also on the knees which touch the metatarsal bones. This causes pain in the short term, while it can lead to arthritis and bone stimuli in the long run. Due to the instability of most heels, the tendons are overworked by the toes. All suffer from tiredness and trigger long-term problems. Therefore, it is vital to keep the health of your feet intact. Whether it is visiting the doctor or making sure that your feet are strong enough to handle the heel, you need to take care of your feet to avoid long term damage.