Choosing the perfect wedding ring or engagement ring needs not be a tedious task that will stress you out. There are numerous modern designs that make choosing wedding rings or engagement rings a little more fun! Read on to discover the trending engagement and wedding ring designs that are sure to be eye-catchers!

Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings Without Precious Stones

Gone are the days that require engagement rings and wedding rings to have a precious stone set on them. Aside from being more affordable, these modern-looking wedding rings and engagement rings can compete with diamond-studded rings any day!

Metal Rings

Metal wedding rings, not necessarily made from precious metals like gold and silver, have become very common lately. With couples factoring in savings above anything else, metal rings made from titanium and zirconium among others have become favorites as wedding rings or engagement rings. Men’s Palladium wedding rings are also becoming increasingly popular, especially with grooms.

Silver Bands

The precious metal silver will never lose its wow value. With a very distinct cluster, silver rings are still very much a go-to for wedding rings and engagement rings. The ease of working with and molding silver allows for countless designs for silver engagement and wedding rings! From highly reflective smooth designs to heavily textured ones, there are a lot of wedding rings and engagement rings design possible with silver.

Celtic Designs

Celtic designs for wedding rings and engagement rings is another design that has become commonplace in the ring market. Usually made from metals like titanium and zirconium, Celtic wedding rings are heavily influenced by Irish culture.

Titanium Rings

Titanium bands are probably the cheapest engagement and wedding rings you can purchase that do not skimp on aesthetics! At a fraction of the cost, titanium rings can definitely compete against others in looks alone!

Custom Rings

The ease of working with metals like titanium, coupled with its natural strength, has allowed for intricate designs to be made on your wedding rings. Designs that are not possible on the softer gold and silver have become possible because of metals like titanium that look equally good as more precious metals. Your wedding rings may bear your personalized logos or engravings of your own design! This makes custom wedding rings absolutely one of a kind!

Non-Metal Wedding Bands

Wood has recently become a common option in designs for wedding rings and engagement rings. Though still infused with metals, the main design elements of wooden rings are the wooden inlays which make them very stylish and unique!

Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings with Precious Stones

As much as modern designs populate the wedding ring market, the classic diamond (or other precious stones) set on a ring is still one of the most common wedding rings available. Amazingly, stores like love2have from the UK allow you to set diamonds on stylish metal wedding rings combining the appeal of both worlds at a still very reasonable price.

Whatever design of wedding rings you may choose, or whichever material you may choose your wedding rings to be made of; you may have it studded with a thousand precious stones – one thing will always remain the same for all wedding rings: it is a symbol of love.