Whether you have always been fascinated by whales, or you just came back from an unforgettable vacation in Nantucket, which was known as the whaling capital of the world for nearly two centuries, chances are that you would like to add some nautical-inspired whale art or décor to your home.

Suppose you visited the Whaling Museum or simply strolled through the island while spending time in a beautiful rented residence in Nantucket. In that case, you probably understand just how much these majestic creatures have inspired the local culture, architecture, and tight-knit community spirit on this East Coast Island.

Even without going to Nantucket, you may appreciate the symbolism of whales. These creatures were worshiped, honored, and respected even by the most relentless whale hunters through the years. In different cultures, whales are considered symbols of the ocean, freedom, and knowledgeability of life and death.

So, for whatever reason you want to add some whale imagery to your interior design, here are some of the best whale décor ideas and products you can use as inspiration.

A whale carving home decor
Source: https://www.nehomemag.com/love-first-sight/#jp-carousel-52497

This impressive whale carving hung on one of Sconset’s picturesque cottages in Nantucket. It symbolizes the gratitude and respect that the locals had for these creatures when they were the predominant source of their income and lives. Today, you can find unique antique and new wood carvings of all kinds of nautical themes on the island. You can also add lighthouse prints for a more nautical-theme experience.

 Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

This rustic wood wall décor shaped like a whale is a beautiful addition to any living or dining room. Made of reclaimed wood, it will bring a coastal and nautical design to your home and will be an impressive accent and an excellent conversation starter for your guests.

Source: New England Fine Living
Source: New England Fine Living

With a piece of art like this, you can make the interior of your home look more like a New England coastal-style cottage. This particular one is part of the unique design of a beautiful Victorian home in Martha’s Vineyard from 1869.

Whale sculpture at the Gate House Inn, Nantucket. designed by Annsley Interiors from Boston. Source: New England Fine Living
Whale sculpture at the Gate House Inn, Nantucket. designed by Annsley Interiors from Boston. Source: New England Fine Living

This whale sculpture is an essential part of the interior nautical decor of the hallway vignette at the Gate House Inn in Nantucket, designed by Annsley Interiors from Boston.

Whale Dresser. Source: Shades of Blue
Whale Dresser. Source: Shades of Blue Interiors

Created by Shades of Blue interiors, this rustic blue dresser with a whale painting is another work of art that will make the room look like it is on one of the iconic East Coast islands in Massachusetts. If you are handy enough, you can even try creating your own piece of furniture like this from an old dresser.

If you cannot afford to buy an authentic antique piece of whale art from the islands but still want to add some impressive whale and nautical-inspired art to your home, here are some actual whale art items you can buy or make yourself to add to your living or working space.

Red Heart Whale wall art
Source: Red Heart Wall Art

This impressive sperm whale wall art print will no doubt become the centerpiece of the room. You can place it over the fireplace, in your dining room, or in your bedroom for a realistic underwater feel.

whale fabric type. Source: handmadiya.com
Source: handmadiya.com

You can show one or more of these cute sperm whales using the fabric type and color of your choice. This is the perfect nautical-themed gift to give to a whale lover, a new baby, or a décor item to add to the nursery or to another part of your home.

This set of three prints will add style to your living room, office, and even your bathroom.

The giant sperm whale on a nautical map background is a beautiful idea for a whale décor gift or something to add to your own home.

Artist Kolene Spicher, the folded Nantucket Whale wall artwork. Courtesy of Pura Vida
Artist Kolene Spicher, the folded Nantucket Whale wall artwork. Courtesy of Pura Vida

Created by artist Kolene Spicher, the folded Nantucket Whale wall artwork is one of the most unusual and unique whale-inspired décor items you can buy as a present or as a centerpiece for your living space.