Car accidents are very common across the world. Getting into the car is easy, but driving it in heavy traffic and being ready for any drastic situation is something that requires a lot of practice.  Every day there are thousands of car accidents recorded. There may be many reasons like night driving, being drunk while driving, speeding, ignoring traffic rules, and much more. Most car accidents happen on public roads, but if such accidents occur in private property such as someone’s parking lot, these cases have to be analyzed in the same manner. During these days, when COVID-19 is at the peak, it is difficult to invest time in other injuries, but Naqvi Injury Law makes it easy for their clients to help in every situation. They provide their clients with every facility in case of any personal injury.

Here are major reasons for automobile accident:

Distracted driving

It is one of the major causes of road accidents. Drivers get distracted for several reasons like cellphones, as well as eating food or drinking something. According to a study release, 80 percent of automobile accidents and 65 percent of near-accidents involve at least some form of driver distraction.


Speeding is the second most leading cause of automobile accidents. Driving a car at high speeds causes major road injuries. Even a small increase in speed results in catastrophic outcomes. It is not only for vehicles, but motorists should also be aware of the speed of driving.

Drunk Driving

When drivers drive after consuming alcohol, it becomes difficult for them to focus on the road, and as a result, they face the consequences.  Drunken driving accidents are easily avoidable if the use of alcohol is reduced to none during driving because small consumptions of any drug or alcohol take complete control over the senses.


Yes, whether it is too important when you are driving. Make sure that if you are planning to go out on a road trip, check the weather because bad weather such as thunderstorms or humidity can also affect your driving. It becomes difficult to drive a car on a wet road, but it increases the chances of slips, and collapsing with vehicles’ can also happen.

Ignoring traffic boards

Half of the people ignore traffic boards while driving. These traffic boards are important because they are put on the sides of heavy roads to reduce the risk of any kind of car accident.  These signs guide the drivers about the lanes, turns, and speed limits.


Research shows that teenagers are more involved in facing automobile accidents as compared to their adult counterparts. So it is important for the government to take necessary steps regarding this issue. Keeping speed limits within range and having proper focus during driving will help in achieving the ultimate goal of reduced car accidents. One more thing, it is also important to be aware of the road conditions, vehicle maintenance before letting your car out of the garage.