Florida, a geographically located south-eastern state in the United States of America, is a state long known for its luxurious white-sanded beaches, crystal clear waters, and lively nightlife. Florida is home to many of the world’s wealthiest and famous and is an illustrious state long synonymous with jet setters and luxury. Florida has an abundance of attractions and things to do, so whether you are going alone or with your family, Florida has it all. This page will hope to tell you what some of the most awesome things to do are in Florida.

It is important, however, that during these turbulent global times, with the world in the midst of a pandemic, that you research whether or not it is safe to be visiting Florida. North America was hit massively by the COVID-19 virus and has suffered many deaths and a rising rate in infections. Before traveling not only to North America, but anywhere, even domestically, research whether or not it is safe for you to be there, and whether it may be better for you to not travel at the moment. When you travel, wear PPE (personal protective equipment), so you can be sure you do not unwittingly contract any viruses or infections.

Here are the most awesome things to do in Florida.


Parasailing is a recreational activity that can be a lot of fun – and there is nowhere better than Florida to go parasailing, with hundreds of miles of crystal blue ocean water. You parasail by having your parachute tied to the rear of a boat, from which you are then towed. As the boat moves, the parachute ascends, and you are essentially flying! Parasailing, according to the travel specialists from DestinFlorida.com, is a lot of fun and is an activity that is experienced best in Florida. Parasailing is not for the faint-hearted. When searching for a parasailing instructor, ensure you find the most professional and experienced, as an unscrupulous instructor, can be very dangerous and can have disastrous consequences. Fly safely!


With an infinite amount of rivers, waterways, and access to the ocean, Florida is one of the best destinations in the entire world to go fishing. Floridian fishing is so popular that people travel from all over the globe to go fishing in Florida. There is no shortage of rare and exotic species for you to catch, and it is famed for its huge catfish. One must be careful when fishing in Florida, however, as Florida, just as it is known for its fish, is also known for huge alligators and crocodiles that roam its waterways hunting and lurking for unsuspecting fishermen and tourists. Fishing is, providing you have a guide or excerpt caution, very safe in Florida, but the risk of being attacked is ever-present if you let your guard down or become negligent. Be sure to ask around with the locals as to whether or not the area you are fishing in is safe.


Disneyland is an attraction located in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland is an attraction millions visit every year and is an attraction that you absolutely cannot deprive your children of. Disneyland Orlando is one of the most popular Disneyland’s globally, and rightfully so, as it is well and truly awesome! If you are looking to take your children to a destination that they will never forget, and one they will long to return to, Disneyland Orlando is that destination. Check it out if you are looking for an awesome family vacation.

Miami Florida


There is nowhere better in all of North America to kick back and relax than Florida. Owing to its proximity to the Caribbean islands, Florida is graced with a Caribbean coastline. Florida has hundreds of miles of white-sanded beaches and is one of the most relaxing places in North America to kick back on the beach and soak up some sun. Florida is well-known the world around for being a popular retirement destination, and that is because it benefits from beautiful scenery and tropical temperatures. If you are looking for a great place to relax – Florida is your answer


The nightlife in Florida is unrivaled. Miami Beach is known for its decadence, vibrancy, and rich nightlife. If you are looking for a destination to spend your holiday partying it up, Miami Beach is the location for you. 

Now, with the help of this page, you know the best things to do in Florida. Florida is a state rich in culture and diversity. You absolutely cannot visit Florida at least once in your life.