Stars, planets, and horoscope signs are all connected, and they can tell you a lot about yourself. People have been interested in astrology for thousands of years, intrigued by the stars and connecting the dots between us and the sky. Astrology today is so easily accessible to anyone. It’s no longer a craft known by not so many people – now a  lot of young people are getting interested in it beyond just learning their star sign! But to learn stuff through astrology, you need to know where to see exactly what you want; a professional astrologist can tell you a lot of interesting information if you let them – here are some things you can learn about your love life using astrology!

Sign Compatibility

This is probably one of the most commonly asked things, and that is if two partners are compatible due to their star signs. To get the most love and relationship insights, you’ll need to look at both your star sign and your partners! There are some basic, well-known pairings that are pretty odd, like a Pisces and Gemini pair or a Cancer and Libra..but even they can sometimes make it work, as the rest of the natal chart can also make a big difference and partake in the pairs compatibility levels! Sure, star signs are important indicators, but so is the rest of the chart! Your astrologist of choice will certainly say a word or two why your sign isn’t compatible with someone and give you a strong reason why!

Compatibility by Elements

People often jump the gun and look at the star sign as the main indicator of compatibility – but there is a much bigger picture that should be looked at! This is probably one of the easiest ways to explain to someone how horoscopes work; basically, you have four main elements – earth, water, fire, and air! For instance, if your star sign is Leo, that falls into the fire element, and if your partner is a Cancer, aka water element, you can start your compatibility test from there. Basically, you need to see how each element reacts to unveil the possible disputes in the relationship itself. Leo, a fiery sign, will feel extinguished due to the watery Cancer…This can go on with every possible combination of signs!

Your Venus Placement 

Venus is a goddess of love – therefore, the placement of the planet will also determine a lot of stuff about your love life. By now, you’ve already heard about birth charts and the different planet placements and signs that all correlate to each other and determine your characteristics. Your Venus sign will determine your love language, how you show affection and care, but also how you want to receive it! Sure, the sun sign may be enough to determine the basic compatibility levels between two possible partners. Still, knowing your venus sign and understanding, theirs will certainly paint you the bigger picture of how things will work in the relationship and what to be wary of. Some signs are a bit colder and shyer than others, and some are pretty open when it comes to showing affection!


Compatibility Based on Moon Signs

Your sun sign will tell you how you present yourself in the world, and how people see you – this is mostly exteriors, but when it comes to all things love and relationships, you also need to look at what’s inside! The second most important thing your astrologist will look at is your moon sign, as it will show your true emotions and how you handle them. This will help you understand how you process your deepest feelings and emotions, how you react and show them, and how it will affect other people; this also means that it can greatly affect your love life and how you act in a relationship. 

Astrology is lots of fun, it can actually predict and state some accurate things, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you if you want to believe in those things or not. Love is love, regardless of what star sign you are or what moon sign your partner has, as long as you love each other. A lot of interesting star sign combinations can happen, so all the information you learn through your astrologist should be taken with a grain of salt! Regardless of what’s your level of knowledge or the level of belief you have in these types of things – you should at least try getting your natal chart read, just for the fun of it…who knows what you’ll find out.