Dogs will never stop being popular. How can you not love them? They are loving, devoted, and compassionate and even when they go through something negative and bad, they will always be forgiving, no matter what.

It’s strange how these animals frequently are more humane than humans. There’s no room in their minds for hate, anger (of course there are always exceptions if they’ve been mistreated), or any other negative emotion.

No wonder these lovely beings are among the most popular pets in the world. The only thing that changes is race. One year one race is popular, next year, another one, etc. Today, we will uncover what dog races occupy our hearts and homes the most.

The Most Popular Dogs Breeds In The World 

Labrador Retriever

Well, this was definitely no surprise. They have been among the most popular ones for many decades. The adorable pups are widely known for their affectionate and loving nature. That’s why those who love to cuddle with their pets should definitely consider having a Labrador retriever.

Furthermore, this breed also adores to curl up in the lap of their owner (even though they are pretty big) and fall asleep in an instant. So if you are having a bad day, and you need some sort of therapy session, then this buddy is going to be the best therapist in the world

Besides many other positive traits, they are also known as being extremely smart and curious and simply love to learn new things. It doesn’t matter whether you will train him or an expert, do not worry, your doggy is yearning to learn everything!

French Bulldogs

With this one, you will never ever know what boredom is. Generally speaking, this race can be all cuddly and snuggly on the couch with you at one point, and then in the next one, he is going to run like crazy across your house or yard.

Fortunately, for those who are not huge fans of these sudden changes, don’t worry, these puppies have a tendency to power down very fast (for a few minutes). If you’re a huge fan of sitcoms, it’s time to turn off the TV and get one of these adorable creatures.

Namely, French bulldogs are very talkative, adore to roll around and prance around the house. If they disagree with you, they will surely voice their opinion because that’s simply their prerogative, right?

So how does all of this sound? If you get a feeling like these silly, yet loving fur babies can be a perfect companion then you can always Google French Bulldog puppies for sale to see if anyone near you is selling these babies. You are not going to regret it!

Who Else Is On The List?

German Shepherd 

Practically every dog owner will guarantee you that this dog is one of the most amazing dogs in the world. There must be something extremely special about this breed because they have been among the best for many years, just like Labrador retrievers.

So what’s so great about German Shepherds? Intelligence comes first as soon as someone asks this question. In fact, they are the third most intelligent race. No wonder why both military and police want to make them part of their squad.

Another very appealing thing about them is their appearance. They are sturdy, stand up to 26″ tall, and can weigh almost one hundred pounds. All of this makes them a bit intimidating. If they sense that someone wants to mess with you, they will protect you at all costs!

Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for a dog that will practically behave like a puppy forever, then Golden Retrievers should be your next choice. Namely, this race is very playful and loves making puppy-like poses.

They are always in the mood for outdoor activities and entertaining games. Now, besides being so waggish, these adorable fur babies are also very cuddly and loving. If you have children, then consider purchasing this dog because it is going to be an amazing addition to your family.

Watching them interact with kids is truly a heavenly experience. They are very gentle with them and even the shyest child is going to open up when he or she is with their fur buddy. Plus, with energetic dogs like Golden Retrievers, your kid will never think of computers or mobile phones.


Sophistication, beauty, and intelligence. These traits perfectly describe poodles. If you are looking for a pup that’s covered in curls, then look no more. Another great thing about it when it comes to appearance is the fact that you can style it to suit its personality.

Something that distinguishes them from many races is the fact that they do not shed. How come? It’s because they have hair, not fur. Breeds that have fur usually have an undercoat, which is not the case with poodles. 

As previously mentioned, this breed is extremely intelligent and is a huge fan of tricks. If you motivate them with various types of rewards, such as toys, food, or praise, they will literally do anything you want them to.

For people who love to take selfies with their dogs and are generally addicted to posting pictures on their social media profiles, then with a photogenic poodle, you’ll be able to make the best photos in the world.


Even though at first glance, a lot of people think that Rottweilers are aggressive and bad, that’s not actually the case. On the contrary. This breed, if properly trained can actually be a huge cuddle bug.

Don’t be fooled by the gossips and stories you found online. Namely, these cute doggies can be perfect family pets. If you socialize and train them when they are still puppies, they are going to develop a very powerful bond with both you and your children. If you provide them with love and affection, they will be loyal to you till the day they die!

rottweiler puppy dog

Even though this list can go on and on, we’ve managed somehow to list the most popular breeds for the time being. As you can see all of them are special in their own way. And that’s why they are perceived as our best friends.