Offering you a whole range of badges covering varied IT skills, AWS credentials enable a candidate to inherit the latest and hands-on expertise. In total, there are 12 Amazon badges – each suffices different purposes. In this article, we will tell you about all of these certifications, and why the ExamLabs AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the very credential, you should go for.

Foundational Badge Overview

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

For all the IT beginners, the Amazon AWS Certification Exam is a philosopher stone that can turn their dream of a cloud computing maven into reality. Even though it is an entry-level credential, it emphasizes instilling in its’ candidates impeccable hands-on experience on basic to advanced AWS cloud computing concepts.

Associate-Level Credentials

●       AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

This certification helps aspirants understand the basic network technologies and how the AWS application works. Moreover, this credential can boost your early level career in no time.

●       AWS Certified Developer Associate

This credential is all about learning the key technologies and concepts that one must use while developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. It will help you gain a better hold of basic AWS architecture and core services.

●       AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Dedicated to leveraging the career of a system administrator, this associate-level AWS badge is here to fortify your conceptual knowledge of the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Questions.

Professional-Level Certifications

●       AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

If you have a high degree of technical skill and have gained a more in-depth knowledge of AWS-based applications, then this option is the best pick for you.

●       AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

If you have gained better hold over continuous delivery (CD) and the automation of processes along with any AWS Certifications Exams badge, then this option is the right way to polish your skills further.

Specialty Badges

●       AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty

A perfect fit for all those who are strong in data analytics and have gained some experience in designing big data solutions using AWS services.

●       AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty

Learn everything related to Amazon AWS Certifications Training their development and network optimization by earning this credential.

●       AWS Certified Security Specialty

Hone your existing security skills and learn about the most appropriate data protection techniques for AWS solutions.

●       AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Specialty

This certification will make you an Alexa pro in no time. Seeing the popularity of Alexa, gaining dependable, and Amazon verified skillset in Alexa means better career opportunities and exposure.

●       AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty

This badge is here to help you to become proficient in machine learning solutions that AWS offers. If you would like to perform development and data science roles better, this badge is just the right thing for you.

  • AWS Certified Database Specialty

Gain competency in managing the Certbolt Download Video Here and learn about automating data optimization, DB solution implementation, gain skill in database troubleshooting under this credential.

Why AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Is Better Choice?

The Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge is the ideal launchpad for every AWS beginner. The related exam to this certification hones you at multiple verticals. This is the best choice to make as this credential:

  • Helps you get better exposure to basic AWS concepts;
  • Requires zero prerequisites, however, possessing a six-month experience is recommended by the vendor.
  • It benefits non-technical specialists;
  • It’s a prerequisite of some other AWS certifications.

Exam Dumps – Ideal Way to Become AWS Specialist

No matter which Amazon badge you choose, you are recommended to take the help of the reliable exam dumps to pass the detailed assessment. For that, find the most secure third-party websites, read the reviews, ask questions, try out the free dumps to check if they are valid, and monitor your readiness for the exam as well. Study for the certification assessment with diligence, use updated material, and you’ll pass.


Amazon offers you a range of different certifications to pursue. Thus, you can opt for AWS foundational, associate, professional, and specialty badges. Each of these credentials has its advantages, and it’s you who decides which one to choose. But if you are an IT novice and want to launch your career without too much hassle, then we advise that you start with the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. And yes, it’s possible as long as you rely on exam dumps for your test preparation!