Casino high rollers gamble with high stakes. Known as whales, cheetahs, or money players, these players bet big. Casinos lure a big-money gambler with incentives, bonuses, and extra credit. High rollers receive VIP treatment and are often exempt from some house rules and regulations. Becoming a high roller means consistently gambling with large sums of money.

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Norway Gambling Laws

In Norway, gambling is illegal. Only two companies allow gambling services and have exclusive rights.

 The first is Norsk Tipping, owned by the Norwegian government and administered by the Norwegian Minister of Culture. Norsk Tipping offers lottery games, sports betting, keno, poker, and scratch-card games. Profits are channeled back into sports and culture.

The second company, Norsk Rikstoto, was established by the Norwegian Trotting Association and the Norwegian Jockey Club for betting on horse racing.

Even though all forms of online gambling are outlawed in Norway, many Norwegians still visit Norske nettcasino online gambling sites, casinos, and poker rooms. Norway operates under a state monopoly and does not fall under the European Union (EU). The government and banks thus block online transactions to international casinos. 

A way around this is to use e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller or cryptocurrency accounts. Some online casinos accept Norwegian kroner. If not, they will ask for other currency deposits like euros or dollars. 

High Roller Perks

A high roller, meaning a wealthy, experienced online casino money player, consistently bets high and tips big. He attracts attention from land-based casinos and enjoys all the perks they have to offer. They could entice with penthouse suite accommodations, limousines and private jet transports, and high roller casino bonuses. 

 Norwegian online casinos obviously can’t offer these perks. They keep the significant money spenders returning by offering incentives like a personal account manager, birthday gifts, and bonuses. Higher deposit and withdrawal limits, accelerated payouts, free tournament entries, and extra credit lines are often extended. Substantial gaming limits are also popular perks.

 To get and maintain high roller status, a Norwegian player must consistently bet extensive money stakes at an online casino. The more money high rollers gamble, the more a casino loves them.

Why Do Casinos Like High Rollers?

A big-money spender is in a different elite class and attracts a lot of attention and VIP treatment at a high-roller casino. The risk of loss increases for the casino with big betting players that gamble large amounts of money. But they tend to attract other wealthy players. Also, when they lose, they lose big, and the house wins.

Big money is at stake with a gambler who consistently places massive bets, and the excitement of the big win is what drives them. Casinos win a high proportion of their gambling revenue with a player of means.

High rollers bring money, glamour, and excitement to a casino. Popular games they play include online slot machines with extensive spin wagers. Roulette with weighty or notable limits also appeals to the high roller.

A majority of high rollers love poker. The higher the buy-in, the more excitement there will be. Waived tournament fees are a plus, and no-limit online poker sites are a big attraction. Blackjack is another favorite, especially with enormous table limits.


High rollers from Norway should only play at reputable online casinos. They must have the financial firepower to handle their bets. These impressive players have earned the lifestyle, rewards, and perks of people at the top of their game. They should enjoy them.