Winning a compensation claim can be very stressful, long, and drawn out. Compensation claims are best avoided, as they come with a lot of stress, but as with much in life, sometimes there is no other choice. Sometimes in life, when you absolutely must claim compensation as it is rightfully owed to you. There are many reasons why a compensation claim may be launched, from negligence to wrongful injury, even to medical malpractice. While every compensation claim differs, there are fundamental pillars that ensure that everybody in the claim is treated fairly, and these pillars must be upheld.

This page will hope to tell you what these pillars are and how they contribute to you winning a compensation claim. Providing you have all of the things mentioned on this page, then your claim will stand tall, and you can win.

Here is what it takes to win a compensation claim.

The Claim

Many people think they can win compensation for absolutely nothing. While this is obvious, it is still important to discuss. A person must always have a reason to be claiming before they make a claim and contact an attorney (which should be the first thing you should do). Making baseless accusations and claims without any reason will never succeed, and you will be shot down immediately. You must have suffered some kind of pain – physical or mental – or had some kind of discrimination occur should you want to receive compensation. You will not receive compensation for silly and trivial reasons, nor will you receive compensation if you purposely cause yourself harm to receive it (liars are always found out).

A Good Attorney

Moving on, to truly win a compensation claim, you will undoubtedly need a good attorney. Investing in a good attorney from the outset will mean your case is far more likely to be successful than a person whose attorney has no idea what they are doing (which many surprisingly do not). Some attorneys work on a no-win-no-fee basis – if you are short on cash, then these attorneys can be of great benefit, and in some cases, are far better than attorneys who require an upfront payment. A good attorney will take the pressure off of you, and according to the legal specialists of THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, will fight your corner for you, even when you are exhausted, injured, and down-and-out. The quality of your attorney will determine your success, so never accept an attorney who is lazy and does not care. Look for your defense carefully.


Second to a good attorney, to win the compensation, you will need evidence. There are very few compensation claims that proceed without proper evidence. Evidence can come in many shapes and forms and can be video, photograph, or physical. In many cases, video evidence is best, although photo evidence and physical evidence (injuries) will suffice in most cases. Evidence is paramount to a successful case, and without it, you will be very unlikely even to find an attorney who is willing to represent you. Although, in some instances (if the case warrants it), your attorney will dispatch a private investigator to establish if there is any evidence that is being overlooked.


Honesty is just as important as anything else on this page. Proceeding with a fraudulent claim may work for you (although, as mentioned earlier, liars are usually caught), but it is one of the most indescribably detestable things you can do. Honesty, in your case, is essential to a just and fair verdict. Lying may yield results that tip the scales in your favor, but by doing this, you could compromise and risk the quality of life of another person who may not deserve it. Be as honest as you can in your compensation claim, as things like this always resurface to bite you in the proverbial backside.

justice club


Standing up against injustice and mounting a lawsuit is something not easily done. It requires courage and integrity. Many people will sit down in the face of hardship and oppression, but you mustn’t. You must stand up. Never allow somebody to push you around or to make you feel less than they are. 

Stand up, have courage, and say no! Having courage is essential. As not only will you have to mount the case, to begin with, but you will be required to stand up in court and give evidence (providing an out of court settlement is not reached). Neither of these things is easily done.

Now, with the help of this page, you know all that there is for you to know about compensation claims. As mentioned earlier, making compensation claims is very stressful, but if you have had an injustice committed against you, they may be your only option.