The Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook, the iPad, the Apple Watch – Apple’s reputation for creating innovative and fashion-forward tech is longstanding.

If you’re an avid Apple fan who regularly trades in your Macbook for the latest model, you’ll know this already. But for anyone who is unsure, here is what makes Apple such a recognized mark of quality.

A great in-store experience

Packed with shiny new devices and experts at every turn, Apple Stores offer an experience that few other manufacturers – if any – can match.

The stores themselves have become destinations for tech junkies to while away a few weekend hours, checking out the brand’s latest gizmos and becoming further inculcated in the process.

Control of software and hardware

Unlike great mobile rivals, Google Android, Apple keeps all its development in-house, with no open sourcing.

This creates, in effect, an ecosystem in which each and every Apple device can be paired seamlessly, offering the end-user greater connectivity and functionality – if they are willing to remain steadfastly loyal to the brand.

Game-changing tech

Apple products have often been at the forefront of technological advancement. It appears the company has once again struck gold with its advancements in silicon chips.

For so long the advantage held by rivals, particularly in the personal computer sector, it appears that silicon could be the next great innovation to come out of Cupertino, California.

Safety and security

Anyone who has used both a Mac and a Windows laptop will know that Apple’s devices are far less prone to virus threats, with strong anti-virus software written into MacOS updates.

Although this does not mean you are 100% safe, it is a much greater percentage than Windows laptops, where numerous suppliers and developers can muddy the waters.

iphone and ipad apple products

The products are easy to use

A key selling point of all Apple products is the simplicity with which they offer support and service to the user. Apple also has many reselling options available if you want to sell your MacBook pro for cash to SellShark or other places for a better exchange or price.

Take the iPhone for example. Its ubiquitous operating system with clear, tappable tiles has made it the dominant force among mobile phone users, with more than half making calls, texting, and checking social media with Apple devices over the past decade.

That huge raft of past and present owners also means a far greater familiarity with Apple devices and systems compared to rivals.

Which Apple product do you have your eye on for your next tech purchase?