Designing the rooms in your house is always exciting, but it can feel somewhat lacking when you’re stuck with the basic rooms. The kitchen and bathroom are set in stone, and the next two picks will likely be a bedroom and a living room. If you’re at a point where you have more rooms than that, you’re fortunate, and while one might go to a second bedroom or an office, any more can allow you to get creative.

What about a dedicated entertainment room? This might be different from a more general sitting area and can allow you to implement all the entertainment systems you enjoy.

Your Preferred Method of Gaming

For some, it might be obvious that this room would include gaming in some way, but not everyone enjoys the same type of games. For those who are dedicated console players, hooking up the machine of choice to a crisp TV and powerful speakers might make sense, but what about PC gamers? Then, it might become about getting the right chair, desk, machine, and however many monitors you need.

This, though, excludes the topic of mobile gaming. If you like to unwind with online slot games, you might not need a bigger screen or sound system, the varieties of games available could be enough. It could be that all you need is a suitably comfortable seating area, some headphones, and something like a fridge for easy access to refreshments.

Home Cinema

If you are into console gaming or perhaps want to cultivate an environment more like a home cinema, there are some key points that you likely want to focus on. Easily forgotten but perhaps most important could be the seating area itself – if people are going to be planted here for a while you’ll need sofas and chairs that are both comfortable and capable of offering support. 

On the technical side of things, though, your attention will once again turn towards a large TV with a high resolution and refresh rate, along with speakers of a high enough quality to emphasize each sound design element. All of this might be starting to sound rather expensive, so it’s up to you to prioritize which component is most important to you and work from there.

A Social Space

The TV, the speakers, the consoles, these might not be what the entertainment room is really about for you. You might be envisioning a social space where you and your guests can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Sure, it’s nice to have those things so you can listen to music, or watch and play whatever you want, but if your priority is the group dynamic, you might want enough seats and a relaxing interior design to reflect that. This means that it might be worthwhile getting a mini-fridge in the room, as having quick access to food and drinks can prevent you from needing to leave regularly, allowing you all to settle in.