Solar energy is an eco-friendly way of generating power for the home that saves money and the planet. The use of solar energy has increased over the past few years, with many people switching over to this form of electricity for their homes and other uses. Deciding on the best solar option for your home could require you to do some research before rushing to find a reputable installer.

Not all homes are built to accommodate the extra weight on the roof, and in that case, a new way of using solar energy would have to be explored. Here are some of your options:

1. Sharing Solar Solutions 

Instead of spending money on the installation of residential solar power systems solely for your own use, you could ask a neighbor to share.

A shared lot of panels could be installed and connected to all the houses around it. This way, the houses could share the installation cost, and each have access to solar energy for their homes. A block of residents in an area could also collectively contribute to a larger installation that could power the whole block.

2. Solar Energy Farms

Some countries have already started to invest in these solar farms to provide a sustainable energy source to their residents.

A solar farm may also be a good option for a larger community like a town. If the farm is big enough, it can power all homes with ease. A large piece of open land is used to install massive solar panels portable that could soak up the sun, and the energy is then converted and stored for use by the residents.


3. Portable Solar Devices

With solar energy solutions becoming increasingly popular, especially among millennials, there are many new developments in the portable device department.

Solar-powered backpacks, phone chargers, and small solar panels with an outlet are available for use everywhere. Charge your phone on the go or power a small light with stored energy you gathered from the sun.

Making one small difference at a time could add up to a larger saving. Although these options don’t produce enough power to handle your whole house, they’re pretty handy!

4. Solar Lights

These have become fairly common in households. These energy-efficient lights can easily be installed in any area, from garden lights to spotlights for outside areas. 

Some lights come with their own small attached solar panel while others require the solar panel to be installed on the roof and connected to the light. Whichever one you prefer, it’ll make a huge difference to your electricity bill.

5. Solar Generator

A solar generator is a more portable device that can move to any location. This could be a great option for people who rent a house or apartment and can’t add any permanent structures to the home.

The generator will collect the solar energy and convert it to electricity to power bigger household items. Make sure to get the correct size generator to power what your household would need. They come in different sizes and capacities for the convenience of any homeowner. If you are planning to install solar panels, make sure your roof is in optimal conditions before installing solar cells, as these need to be well fixed, it’s advisable to contact expert roofers like G&A Certified Roofing North.

6. Water Heaters And Pumps

If installing solar panels on the roof isn’t an option for your home, you may want to consider installing a solar-powered water heater and pump instead.

Both the heater and pump come with their own solar panels, which can be installed and connected to them. The heater could provide hot water for the household, and the pump can be used to get water from any available and safe source.

7. Solar Ovens

The oven is one of the appliances in the home that uses the most electricity. Imagine cooking your Sunday roast with no extra costs for electricity.

Solar ovens may come in different shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Some are small with only a little solar panel to drive the heating element while others may be larger and use mirrors to direct the sun’s heat towards the food. You may want to shop around for the best option for your home before installing one.

To Connect It All

Solar power is here to stay and would most likely be used for even more applications in the future. Finding the right solutions for your home and your needs will be part of the process of installing the panels on the roof isn’t an option for your home.

Using other options could help save the planet one device at a time and reduce your energy footprint for good. With these renewable energy solutions, you can truly say that you’re powered by nature!