Towing is when having a vehicle moved from one place to another without driving it. If you are a car owner, it reaches a time where you have your vehicle towed. Sometimes, it becomes necessary. Possible causes of your vehicle being towed include it having a breakdown or when you are involved in an accident. Regardless of the cause that’s making your vehicle get moved, it would be best to prepare it for towing. This article will discuss some of the things you need to do to your car before towing it. Here is the list.

1. Take pictures of the vehicle

You will need to compare the situation of your vehicle before and after towing. This becomes necessary in case the vehicle got involved in an accident. To make this step possible, experts recommend taking pictures of the vehicle before the towing truck arrives. These pictures should be taken on all sides, including the front, rear, sides, rooftop, and tires. Ensure that all substantial damages are recorded to compare the notes when there are damages caused by towing. At times, the towing truck can cause scratches and dents to your vehicle, especially when it makes an emergency stop while towing a vehicle.

2. Arrange for access to your vehicle

Sometimes you might not be available when your vehicle is getting towed. If this will be the situation, you need to provide details and access to the company towing your vehicle. You will also need to know who will be towing your vehicle and the final destination. At times, especially in accidents, you may not know the company that towed your vehicle. You can always find my towed car to see the company that moved your vehicle and the destination. It is always good to work with a reputable towing company to avoid inconveniences. It is essential to leave the key within the vehicle or find better ways of providing access. When situations don’t allow you to find the company, you will need to search to know who provided the services and your vehicle’s new destination.

3. Close all windows

Most people don’t see the reason for closing the vehicle windows, especially if they got involved in an accident. While it may not seem to be a significant step, you should see all windows closed before your vehicle is moved. Why is it necessary? Closing your windows ensures the items and your vehicle’s interior is protected from sudden storms, debris, and dirt when it’s being towed. Also, closing the windows prevents theft of items inside your car, especially when it’s towed by a company you are not sure of. This gives you an upper hand when arguing about any missing items after getting your vehicle towed. You will not want to expose your vehicle to theft, pilferage, and damage. 

towing your car

4. Disengage the emergency brakes

It would help if you prepared your vehicle ready to get loaded to the towing truck. One way of doing so is by disengaging the emergency brakes and leaving your vehicle on free gear. Disengaging the gear and removing other stopping features reduces your vehicle’s damage, especially the driving components when it’s on tow. Any reputable towing company will check for these features before towing your vehicle, but it’s better to help them do this since they might forget to do so. You should also disengage the emergency brake if you aren’t available when the company comes to pick the vehicle.

5. Remove the necessary items

When having your vehicle towed, you should remove all the necessary items in your vehicle. This will be the first step to do before leaving your vehicle. This step ensures all your items are secured and nothing gets lost during towing. Besides this, most towing companies require owners to remove all the necessary items since they will not be liable for anything lost during towing. As the car owner, you should ensure everything is removed and the remaining ones kept safe to avoid losses. Other items you need to remove including insurance documents, car stickers, and other valuable additions to your vehicle. If your insurance company doesn’t cover towing, it’s crucial to get a towing cover for your vehicle when in tow. Most towing companies will not tow vehicles that do not have a towing cover.

The above are some essential things to do before towing your vehicle. In most cases, these things are done to protect the vehicle and other essential items. Failing to take these measures might lead to losses or incurring other expenses. It is also essential to choose the best towing company to ensure your vehicle is taken care of until it reaches its intended destination. Always use these tips anytime you want your vehicle moved.