Road car accidents happen in a flash, and at times it can get the best of you. However, you have got to gather your wits and think of what to do next.

Take heed of these necessary steps to keep you and your passengers safe, abide by the law, and get the process for your insurance claim started.

What to do when in a road accident?

1.   Keep Calm and Check Yourself and Your Passengers for Injuries

You have to get back from the shock of the accident and make sure that you and your companions are all okay. If you happen to feel any pain anywhere on your body or your passengers, quickly assess it so that you would know what to say to the 911 call you’re about to make. Another thing to note is your current address in your car’s GPS.

2.    Get to safety

If you are involved in a minor vehicular accident, it is imminent that you and your passengers get to safety. You have to move your car out of the driving lane to avoid a second collision and prevent a traffic jam.

3.   Call 911

A 911 call is your next task, so you have to calm yourself to answer all the dispatch’s questions. Make sure that you listen to what the dispatch is saying on what you have to do. After calling 911, it would also be a good idea to call a car accident lawyer. These lawyers will get to work right away so that you can claim the proper compensation for the damage to your car and everything else that you lost because of what happened.

Please keep in mind that you have to tell the dispatch these details:

  • Your Name
  • What happened?
  • Your current location
  • Any passengers that are with you
  • Has anyone been hurt?

4.   If you’re able, assess your car’s damage.

You would need to know what happened to your car and clear what really caused the accident. So get off of your car and assess the damage, but don’t leave the scene. You would have to be present when the police arrive.

Take pictures of your vehicle and the other car’s damage. A clear image of the accident scene is also important to document the driving conditions. These are for your insurance claim and several purposes; an image can help solve problems that might arise because of the accident.

another car accident

5.   Exchange information with the other driver

Take note of the following details that you need to know about the other vehicle.

  • Name of the driver
  • License number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Name and address of the car owner
  • Insurance company and policy

Accidents happen even to very cautious drivers. When involved in one, it is important not to panic. Relax and take hold of the situation. That way, you would be able to think and perform the necessary in ensuring that you and your passengers are safe and that all the problems that might arise because of it will be dealt with.