There is no need for you to continue driving your old beat-up car and spend more money on reparations and maintenance on a yearly basis than you would spend buying another, better one. The fact is, nowadays you could get some great deals on pre-owned cars which are still in top-notch condition. However, to strike a great deal, you should know which possible faults you could encounter and be able to recognize them. 

Inspect the Interior

When you find a model that you wish to buy, it is very important to check how it works. When viewing, don’t be afraid to ask to open the hood and inspect the engine, car battery, or radiator. The experts from 902 Auto Sales have also pointed out the importance of going for a test drive. Sometimes, the car could have some problems that you may not be able to spot by just looking at it. When driving, try to listen carefully and inquire about any strange sound that you hear. 

Inspect the Exterior

The looks aren’t everything, but in this case, they play a big part. Any bumps, scratches, or rust mean having to make future investments, so you should try to avoid them. Any discoloration, large gaps, or misaligned panels could indicate that the car has been under reparation or that the factory’s assembly was done sloppily. Open and test everything that you can. Also, look under the car to inspect for any possible leakage. It can indicate that the pipes are rusty, which can cause you problems further down the line.


The first thing that inexperienced car buyers always ask for is mileage. The fact is, you should always turn on the ignition and check it to see if what you are getting is what was advertised to you. However, one common misconception is that the condition of the car depends on it. If the car has high mileage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has issues or that it wasn’t well cared for, but the problem is that every part has its expiration date. Lower mileage may seem more appealing, but some parts may wear off if the car hasn’t been driven for some time. Don’t make the mistake of deciding on buying on this factor alone.

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Mechanical Problems

Sometimes it is best to ask for a second opinion right at the beginning. Despite how careful you are when checking it for yourself, some faults slip past the untrained eye. That is why you should consider asking your car dealer to have your private mechanic come and take a look at it. They will have a better insight into the situation and will give you their unbiased assessment. If they uncover some fixable flaws, you can use that as your bargaining chip when settling a price. Most of the dealerships offer pre-purchase checks, but that could heighten the price. And besides that, you will feel safer and get more transparency if you know the person doing the check-up. 

Compare Prices

Before you decide on buying, look up the same make, model, and year online. Compare the price that is being offered with the other cars on the market. Also, compare the vehicle’s condition that you are considering to buy with the other ones that are being sold. There are online tools specifically designed to help you compare the prices of pre-owned cars. Additionally, when speaking about the price, make sure to be transparent when bargaining and mention any concern you have with the possible purchase.

Car History

Checking the car’s history is not crucial, but it is a good step to make extra sure. There are ways to see who the previous owners of the vehicle were and if the company offering you to sell matches the company that put up the offer online. Every car has its own unique serial number, which you can compare to the name and records. You can check for safety recalls service points or any possible previous accidents. Being extra safe is never a bad idea.

When deciding to buy a car, drop all of your prejudice about pre-owned ones, and you are sure to get a better deal than when purchasing a new one. Do your homework beforehand, and you will surely avoid any possible inconvenience. Don’t be afraid to be vocal and ask about any uncertainties that you might have. Many pre-owned cars are in top-notch condition, and their price is only lowered because you are not the first owner.