The wide world of shopping is becoming a lot harder to wrap our heads around now that the digital age is in full swing, and there are many more venues and retailer options out there. This can be a struggle for some, but it just means there is plenty more variety for shopping to do. Online shopping and eCommerce are some of the fastest-growing economic sectors out there, and with the use of mobile phones to do all of your shopping, it’s hard not to see why.

For those that enjoy the online shopping experience, you probably try your best to find as many deals as possible. Whether it means you wait until the holidays come around for Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping or if you scour sites for their next pop-up sale, you think of yourself as pretty handy when it comes to saving money on retailer sites and marketplaces of all kinds.

If you’re someone that struggles to find the deals or is a little less intuitive about the process of saving money through online shopping, then you’re in luck because the proliferation of promo codes is going to be your saving grace. Promo codes are found everywhere, and they are going to help cut down costs on just about anything and everything you can find online. Here is what you need to know about these handy shopping tools.

What is a Promo Code?

If you really have no idea what a promo code is, this will be a tiny crash course to get you started. First and foremost, a promo code is short for promotional code. This is usually some alphanumeric code that can be copy and pasted or typed into a text box field in your cart’s checkout on a site. It will most likely look something like “SAVE20” or something similar to that because it is simple to use, and it speaks for itself.

How Do Promo Codes Work?

A promo code works just like a coupon would in a store. If you’ve ever read a newspaper or flyer for a grocery store, you know the big, colorful boxes with the 5, 10, 15% off indicator that helps you know what savings you get and what products. If you look at these Surfshark promo codes or kohls promo codes, they work the same way as coupons do, except promo codes are an online format for them, and they even have some interesting benefits compared to traditional physical coupons. Promo codes can offer you cashback in many instances, which is useful for larger purchases, but in essence, they act just like a coupon does but with a different name.

How Do You Get Promo Codes?

Promo codes can be found in many different ways, and many of them are in similar ways to coupons, as mentioned. Promo codes can be found on online flyers, in email offers, and on the retailer website. There are other ways to get promo codes that require a tad bit more work, like signing up for newsletters through email or joining rewards clubs for stores. Another notable way to get promo codes is by going to couponing websites, which will compile coupons and promo codes found around the internet and make them easily accessible in one place. These sites, along with services that can automatically apply coupons for you, help make your shopping much easier, and it’s all quite simple to find.

Do Promo Codes Work?

This is a big question for many newbie savers because sometimes the deals might seem too good to be true. The most basic answer is yes, promo codes do work, but you need to do your own due diligence to make sure your promo codes are actually valid. There may be a start and end date to their use or from a defunct site, so the codes don’t work anymore. The best way to find out is simply putting the code in at the checkout cart and seeing if it does or doesn’t work. You can always read reviews for coupon and promo code sites or services, but the codes should work for the most part. Beware of scams and codes that sound too good to be true, however.

Can You Use Multiple Codes?

This all depends on what kind of products you’re buying, sales, and the codes themselves. Many promo codes will state that it is a one time use, but often there are plenty of deals to be had where you can stack multiple codes to exponentiate your savings. Using multiple codes may be limited because the promo code deal is already quite high, if the product or good is on sale already, or if the retailer allows for multiple codes.

promo codes

Grocery stores online usually allow for it, and many clothing retailers, but it isn’t uncommon for big purchase items like electronics to be limited to single-use promo codes. Of course, do your part to check if they allow it and read the fine print, but you can often stack codes for extra savings.

What Kind of Promo Codes Are There?

You know that promo codes work just like coupons except for the online format, but does that mean there aren’t multiple types of promo codes? The answer is no because promo codes aren’t the same. You saw that some promo codes have cashback rewards, which is an example of a different type of code, but there are broader terms for these promo codes. Public codes are ones found on websites or online flyers that anyone can use, there are also private codes which may be given to first-time buyers or given to loyal customers through those reward memberships or site accounts, and then there are restricted codes which may be used as a single-use code given as a prize or as an apology for a service issue. Those three broad types of promo codes make up the basic types of online coupons you will find.

Saving money while shopping is not hard, and for those who are not as accustomed to the online marketplace as others, it is becoming exceptionally more user-friendly. Now that you know how promo codes work, you can see how easy it really can be to save money even in an unfamiliar shopping arena.