Everyone needs to drink sufficient amounts of clean water every day to survive. For many people, finding clean drinking water for everyday use can be quite challenging. Tap water may contain many impurities and bacteria that can be harmful to the body and cause severe illnesses in some cases. To overcome water cleanliness and ensure you are drinking pure water every day, it may be wise to consider investing in a water filtration system.

Here is everything you need to know about water filters and their different types.

Water Filtration Methods

Water is made out of two main elements; hydrogen and oxygen. The two elements combine to form one molecule of water, and when you drink, you can fill your cup with millions of those molecules at once. In its ideal state, water should be odorless and colorless. Anything other than that state means there is something wrong with the water you are drinking. To ensure you are drinking the cleanest water every time, scientists have developed water filtration systems that can help separate impurities from the main molecules and give you a chance to drink clean water at home. These systems work in various different ways but eventually lead to similar effects. Here are some of the most popular water filtration methods:


One of the oldest methods ever known to filter water from impurities is through the process of distillation. As explained on wholehousewaterfiltrationsystem.com, the process of distillation depends on vaporizing water by heating it to high levels until it becomes water vapor. That vapor is condensed back into pure water that is safe to drink. As the water starts getting condensed, all the impurities from dust to bacteria remain unvaporized and can be cleaned out suitably. Distillation is a fairly easy and basic way of cleaning drinking water that many people have been using for ages to ensure they do not consume any harmful elements and bacteria every time they drink.

Reverse Osmosis

Water molecules are relatively small in comparison to the molecules of most impurities. This makes it easy to separate any impurities from the clean water using the reverse osmosis method. This method works by moving water down small tube-like membranes with a semi-permeable surface, similar to a strain but in a more micro size that can filter water molecules from other big molecules that cause impurities. The reverse osmosis method is slightly more advanced than other filtering methods. Its results are quite effective, making it a popular choice used by many filtering companies in their filtration systems.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon filtration method takes a more scientifically advanced route to clean water from dirt and other impurities. This filtration method depends on the fact that carbon molecules bond with molecules of certain impurities and can easily be traced and cleaned from the original water molecules. Certain types of activated carbon can be more effective than others in removing impurities like mercury or lead.

Water Filter Types

Since there are numerous different types of filtration methods, it only makes sense that there are different water filtration devices. These devices use different techniques, and sometimes more than just one method, to clean out your water from any impurities. The filter types vary in effectiveness, size, and price range in most cases.

On Counter

On-counter filters are fitted right near your water tap and connected to it to give you the chance to switch between filtered and unfiltered water whenever you need to. This filter type is quite popular among consumers as it offers effective results, usually using the reverse osmosis method.

Tap water

Under Sink

For those who have space under their sink and do not want to have their filter on display, the under the sink filters can be the perfect option. These filters are usually slightly bigger than other types, and they can take up the entire space under your sink with numerous different filtration phases. They can have a mix of different filtration methods embedded into the same device, depending on your household’s needs.

Drinking clean water every day is essential for a happy and healthy life. Since tap water cannot always be trusted, installing a water filter can be the best option to clean out any impurities in your drinking water. If you are looking to invest in a  water filter, make sure you do some research in advance and compare different filtration systems and devices to ensure you are getting the best option out there.