Picture this: you’re at the train station getting ready to set off on a long journey. You’ve wrestled with your suitcases, backpack slung over your shoulder, and then your pocket buzzes, but you don’t have a free hand. The train is approaching, but what if it’s important?

You tilt your wrist towards you to check the time only to see the notification flash upon the face of your watch. ‘Did you order your sister’s present?’. No, you didn’t, but now you know what to do as soon as you sit down.

What Is A Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a small device that can be worn on your wrist and allows you to access apps, monitor your heart rate, as well as essentially being the extra pair of hands that many of us need. Since 2010 many manufacturers have been releasing this technology into the consumer world, and from then on, just like smartphones, they continue to develop each year. The initial goal was to provide users with more but presenting it in a small, less intimidating package.

What Does It Do?

Essentially it’s like having your smartphone on your wrist. Depending on the brand, you’re able to download apps that enhance your everyday performance, such as Answering calls and text messages, tracking your location via GPS, and monitoring your heart rate. It’s been designed to make your days that little bit easier. Media playback is also possible for radio streamed content as well as audio tracks.


But What if I Don’t Need All Of The Features?

For those who may feel like a smartwatch contains features they may not need, a hybrid smartwatch allows you to have the best of both worlds as style goes hand in hand with practicality. You’re able to hold onto the timeless elegance of a wristwatch with the bonus of access to the most important features in your mobile phone.

This particular gadget doesn’t have a touchscreen; instead, it uses the clock hands to alert you of any notifications and may not seem as overwhelming as a smartwatch. As a result, the battery lasts longer. For a closer look into this particular style, Fossil provides a wide range of different designs.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the pros:

  • A smartwatch gives you the ability to track your fitness levels before, during, and after exercise.
  • You can check your notifications from wherever you are without the need to go and search for your smartphone.
  • A smartwatch gives you the ability to answer your calls and text messages directly from your wrist.
  • The built-in GPS means that not only do you know where you are but so do those closest to you if you allow them.
  • Specialty watches have been created for those who are dedicated to cycling, hiking, and swimming.

Now here are some of the cons:

  • With advanced technology, there can also be advanced prices. Depending on the brand you choose to go with, potentially, you could be looking at anywhere from $90-$1,500.
  • Unlike an ordinary wristwatch, you will need to charge this one, which could mean the daily wrist flick to check the time could result in your bare wrist looking back at you whilst your watch charges at home.
  • For those who may not see themselves as tech-savvy, a new device means new features that you’ll need to wrap your head around. Though the challenge may appeal to some, it can be a turn off for others.

Are Any Of The Manufacturers Well Known?

Luckily, many well-established brands have jumped on board the smartwatch train, which means that reliability is guaranteed. Many popular tech companies are developing this particular technology style; for example, Apple has ensured that their watch style connects seamlessly between their other devices making the user experience hassle-free.

For android users, Samsung has also created a line of smartwatches that sit comfortably alongside their mobile devices.

All in all, smartwatches have been around for the last ten years, and each year allows for new ways to take on daily living. Like most things, it has both pros and cons, so we hope that this article has helped give you a useful insight into the world of smartwatches, whether you’re contemplating getting one yourself or just simply browsing.