You love your workout session and wait for it every day. But, do you know about the pre-workout regimen? According to many expert professionals, most people cannot harness the full benefits of workouts as they do not indulge in a pre-workout routine properly. 

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So, what are the things you should not do before going into a gym or hitting the workout session? Here are your answers-

Prevent Eating just before Hitting the Gym

The most common mistake that many people make is eating just before hitting the mill. According to experts of fitness classes in Hammersmith, eating heavy or eating just before a workout session is not a welcome habit. Eating will cause you to become lethargic and not give your full energy in the workout. 

Moreover, eating heavily just before the gym also causes other complications. You may feel nauseated, have cramps or develop health conditions like acid reflux, indigestion, etc. all of these will cause you more harm than good. 

The best way is to eat a light meal at least one hour before the workout session. Have a mull that fills at least half of your appetite. Fasting is also not great. It will burn your energies faster and become fatigued more often. 

The best way is to eat a mixture of cubes, healthy fats, and proteins before a workout. You can eat a spoonful of peanut butter, a banana, grilled cottage cheese with sides of vegetables, or even an apple with a spoon of nut butter of your choice. 

No Static Stretches Before a Workout

Are you into aerobics or yoga? Then be careful about committing this mistake. Many people often end up doing static stretching before starting their daily workout sessions. 

While stretching is indeed a great habit, static ones are not. It instead decreases=your stamina and overall strength. Moreover, static stretching also has higher chances of developing muscle strains or other related injuries. You can instead opt for dynamic stretches or some yoga to stretch and warm up your muscles. 

Avoid New Supplements at any Cost

You might have been planning to try a new supplement for a long time, but avoid it. The use of a supplement before your workout session can be fatal. Pre-workout drinks or supplements are not for everyone. You may end up suffering from cramps, nausea, and stomach aches quickly. 

So, the best way is not to disrupt your regular workout system. Not everyone needs some pre-workout supplement. Alternatively, suppose you want to make them take in a small quantity. In that case, it will help you to minimize the effects without any complications. 


Pre-gym habits are also essential if you want to lead a healthy life. Besides regal workout sessions, try to formulate a healthy prep session by avoiding the activities mentioned above. It will help you to remain fit minus any complications.