You can ask for a bank loan (vay vốn ngân hàng) or to a fast credit company, such as Both options have their pros and cons. In order to make the right decision, you should consider all the offers that are on the market. 

Bank loans are stable and reliable. A good bank is ready to offer good conditions to regular customers, and it is from the bank that you can count on a large amount. But there are also several downsides:

  • a bank usually requires a large package of documents, some of them are paid;
  • consideration of documents can take several working days, before and takes place only during working hours;
  • banks that can offer good conditions may have a very high refusal rate for loan requests.

Services for providing quick loans do not have such disadvantages. They often work around the clock and require a minimum set of documents. Credit confirmation can be ready in ten to fifteen minutes, and the failure rate for such services is very low. Such services try to meet all their customers halfway, especially in a stable economy and low inflation. But, with all the advantages of such a service, there are some disadvantages:

  • interest on such lending is usually higher than in traditional banks;
  • only a relatively small amount can be confirmed quickly and with a minimum of documents, which may be completely insufficient for a large and serious project;
  • very often such companies do not have a large number of real offices where you can go to consult if necessary.

A stable economy and low inflation are important conditions for the development of the lending market. Such an atmosphere in the state inspires confidence in the future. Therefore, many residents are ready to take out loans to develop their own businesses or improve their living standards. On the other hand, such a circulation of money in the economy favors its development. Thus, fast loan services make a positive contribution to the development of the state and economy. This allows you to attract even more customers to them.

Small inflation is recognized as a positive factor in the development of the state, it is the engine of economic development. The issuance of quick loans can stimulate purchasing activity, which can also have a positive effect on the development of the economy. This mutual influence contributes to the further improvement of the lending sector.