Moving to the United States, finding a job here, being able to bring your family to join you, coming over to marry your American partner, or wanting to attain a professional degree in a prestigious institution are just some of the reasons why people may need to find an immigration lawyer. If this is your situation, you know how critical it is to have the right legal expert by your side. Feldman, Feldman & Associates, PC recommends you make sure to get a written agreement in which the work that the lawyer will perform for you will be clearly outlined.

Your future or that of your loved ones might be hanging in the balance, and you do not want to make any missteps that might result in your visa being denied. Finding the right immigration lawyer gives you the confidence that you are working with someone with a thorough knowledge of immigration law, someone who has dealt successfully with many cases like yours, and who will guide you through the maze that is the immigration system until you get the immigration status you wish to obtain. Yet, where do you find the best immigration lawyer? Read on to find some ideas on how to go about this important task.

What Your Lawyer Cannot Do

It is important always to be aware that, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced your immigration lawyer is, they have no control over the immigration system and the government officials who run it. These are the people who will ultimately decide whether to approve or deny the visa you want. However, working with the right lawyer means that you can have the certainty that everything that could have been done to strengthen your case will have been done. The rest is out of your hands.

Start Your Search

Asking for a referral from someone you know is the best starting point for your quest to find the perfect immigration lawyer. Family members, friends, or coworkers who have recently engaged the services of an immigration lawyer will be honest with you about recommending (or not) the lawyer that helped them with their immigration issue.

Contact Your Local Bar Association

If the referrals did not pan out, the local bar association may also work to guide you in the right direction. Although many bar associations are focused only on a certain type of law, they will have a network of other legal professionals, and they may recommend the lawyer you need.

Narrow Down Your Candidates

As you narrow your search, make an appointment for an initial consultation with the people on your list. Ask them about their area of expertise. This is important because one immigration lawyer may be more involved with international adoptions, another one may know more about issues related to deportation proceedings, and so on. Make sure there is a match between what you need and what they offer.

Interview Prospective Immigration Lawyers

Once you are close to deciding what immigration attorney to work with, ask them some key questions. You want to learn about their legal fees and whether you will be charged a flat fee or billed by the hour. Also, find out the estimated time they think a case like yours will take.