We make them differently and for different reasons, but that notwithstanding, we can all instinctually agree that good pancakes can instantaneously make an otherwise boring day feel somewhat special.

As an iconic, classic, and comforting breakfast essential and a healthy food choice full of many health benefits, blueberry pancakes are in a class of their own. As the producer of 96.1 million pounds of blueberries, Washington, DC, has some of the best blueberry pancake eateries.

Good restaurants are a big part of what makes a neighborhood special. The best neighborhoods have a variety of options for dining, from fast-casual chains to more upscale establishments with Michelin stars and reservations required.

Eateries are not just about the food; they’re also about meeting people, making new friends, and adding vitality, diversity, and flavor to a community.

Most folks who live in Washington, DC, have more than two outstanding restaurants within walking distance (and one more just down the road for safe measure).

Some of these restaurants have been in business for over twenty years; others are new establishments that have quickly become some of the best places for delicious blueberry muffins.

Although each Washington DC neighborhood probably has one or more eateries that serve great blueberry pancakes, some eateries stand out and have gradually become hallmark places where folks from Washington, and tourists, go to get the best blueberry pancakes. 

In no order, some of these hallmark eateries include:

Unconventional Diner

The unconventional diner is the first Yelp and TripAdvisor result for “best blueberry pancakes in Washington DC” for a good reason. This must-visit diner will undoubtedly leave you happy, thanks to their as-fluffy-as-a-cloud, delicious, and bursting-with-flavor blueberry pancakes.

The diner is a short walk away from some of DC’s main attractions, including the National Mall, The White House, and museums like the Spy Museum at 800 F St NW or the National African Museum at 1400 Constitution Ave NW.

Founding Farmers

Located on Pennsylvania Ave NW, which is considered the heart of DC, Founding Farmers serves Everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including some juicy, delicious, and fluffy blueberry pancakes that have made the eatery a favorite for local and visiting blueberry pancakes enthusiasts.

Thanks to its location, this upscale yet casual eatery is near some of DCs most popular neighborhoods, like the Dupont Circle neighborhood, and attractions like galleries and museums.

Ted’s Bulletin 14th Street

Ted’s Bulletin, 14th Street, is another iconic eatery where visitors and folks who live in Washington, DC, for the best blueberry pancakes.

On Yelp, Tripadvisor, and other review platforms, those who have eaten the Blueberry pancakes at Ted’s Bulletin have used words like “rich in blueberries,” “light and fluffy,” and delicious and comforting” to describe them.

Besides the tasty blueberry pancakes, a host of other amazing dishes, and a fantastic ambiance, being on 14th street, which has reinvented itself many times over the years and is now home to make restaurants, shops, and entertainment spots, makes Ted’s Bulletin a true gem of an eatery.


This neighborhood café is a popular spot where locals and visitors go for brunch and some of the best, fluffiest, and thickest blueberry pancakes in Washington, DC.

Commissary has a modernist, industrial atmosphere that lends itself well to the liveliness of the 14th Street circuit, a neighborhood dotted with many quaint restaurants, bakeries, and prolific Washington attractions.

Commissary is one of the best spots for brunch in Washington. It is also a great stopover spot for blueberry pancake lovers on an adventure to tour the lively and musical U Corridor or Logan Circle to try out other trendy dishes from the various other restaurants and bars that dot this area.


Because it’s the nation’s no. 1 blueberry producer, Washington DC is home to many great eateries and restaurants making great blueberry pancakes. Over time, many of these eateries and restaurants have become social institutions where local Washington residents go for their blueberry pancakes fix.

Therefore, the eateries highlighted in this blog are just suggestions.