In many cases, designer clothing tends to be better quality, which equates to more wear per purchase. This means less clothing sent straight to landfill, which is better for the environment overall. Buying full-price is not always the most viable option for shoppers on a budget, which is why we’ve put together this guide on where to find luxury clothing at discount prices, so you can look and feel fabulous without breaking the bank.

Outlet and Consignment Stores

Many major brands have outlet stores where overstock, out-of-season and ex-display items can be sold at a fraction of their full price. In some cases, this can mean there are items that are lightly-used or blemished, but in most cases, these are easily fixed.

If you prefer to shop from home, many fashion outlets have online stores. You can buy Diesel clothing from outlet right from the comfort of your own home, or any other brand you can think of. Consignment stores differ slightly in that these are where items are bought on resale from an individual for a percentage of the sale price, with profits to be split between seller and the supplier, typically an independently-owned small business.

Thrift Stores and Second Hand Stores

Thrift stores have shaken off their reputation as purveyors of the musty and moth-eaten and now appear to be enjoying a renaissance, especially for shoppers who live for the thrill of discovering a bargain, and the added bonus of making a donation to charity in the process. If you prefer to shop online, most online thrift and second-hand stores allow you to narrow down your search by category, so you can find exactly what you want without rummaging through the racks.

Etsy and Ebay

Both of these platforms are essentially online marketplaces where individual sellers sell directly to customers. However, Etsy is slightly different in that you’re more likely to find unique vintage or handmade pieces, in addition to secondhand (in some cases, unworn) designer items. 

Vintage Stores

If you love the idea of wearing a piece of fashion history, there’s dozens of online and instore vintage boutiques to be found across the United States. Another benefit of buying vintage is that your preferred era of clothing can usually be found in its original form, rather than a cheap imitation of whatever decade happens to be currently in vogue. Retro fashionistas, rejoice!

Tips for Shoppers

If you’re purchasing from Ebay, always check that the seller is reliable and safe to avoid poor quality products and unreliable service. Secondly, find a good tailor who can make repairs and alterations if the item is a few sizes too large for you.

Finally, if you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store, the key to successfully thrifting designer items is to take your time; not just for quality-checking purposes, but to savor the experience. In a world where fast fashion and immediate gratification continues to reign, there’s something rather lovely about finding a fashion treasure, all while shopping at your leisure.