Bitcoin is a virtually decentralized cryptocurrency which means that there are no government authorities involved in the scenario. The nonexistence of these government authorities is both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time as the price of bitcoin gets influenced easily by multiple factors. This is one of the prominent reasons why bitcoin is exceedingly volatile.

Bitcoin is correspondingly a currency equipped with a store value, characters of utility, divisibility, transportability, and many more. However, the stability of bitcoin in contrast to other fiat currencies is much less as government authorities of that region back up these fiat currencies, and only minimal factors can influence the value of these fiat currencies.

Acknowledging the factor demonstrating the value of bitcoin will assist you in availing profitable results in your bitcoin. Moreover, if you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin expedition, check out for more details. Here are some of the crucial factors which determine the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent alongside influencing it.


Supply is the decisive fundamental influencing the value of almost every possible asset, commodity, and share, and the bitcoin value confers a similar route. The fundamental of bitcoin is issued with limited supply. There can be only 21 million bitcoin units ever, and the limit cannot be extended as the inventor bitcoin is still anonymous. The supply of Bitcoin is inversely proportional to the value of bitcoin; the higher the supply, the lesser the value of bitcoin, the lesser the supply, the more excellent the value of bitcoin.

Block Reward Halving

Block reward halving is the utmost fundamental influencing the value of bitcoin. Regardless of the fact that the block reward halving occurs after a time span of almost four years, the influence of block reward halving is enormous. Bitcoin mining results in the bitcoin miner with a considerable block reward and the block reward availed for these miners get halved after every four years.

The block reward of bitcoin mining at the instance of bitcoin invention was nearly 50 bitcoin units. However, the number of bitcoin availed by the bitcoin miners as the block reward at the instance is just 6.25 bitcoin units.

Block reward halving was established to decline the supply of bitcoin at a slow pace, which will automatically lead to an exceeding extent of the scarcity of bitcoin in the future. Block reward halving every time have inclined of bitcoin in an exceeding extent as subsequent to the first-ever block reward halving the value of bitcoin halted the milestone of $1000.


Although bitcoin is not backed up by the political parties and centric entities, the value of bitcoin is influenced by cryptocurrency panel announcements by the government authorities and statements or tweets of renowned market players and significant holders of the bitcoin; yes, you read it right.

The announcement of china regarding the bitcoin ban has crashed the cryptocurrency marketplace twice. In 2018 china halted the progression of accepting bitcoin as a payment method; all the more, higher authorities of china correspondingly banned trading and investment progression in bitcoin.

Recently the cryptocurrency market crash again as china announced a cryptocurrency crackdown in the country, which did not ban bitcoin trading and investment but did ban every other progression subjected to bitcoin.

As established that the statement of renowned market players influences the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent. Recently Elon Musk started tweeting about bitcoin, his foremost tweet in favor of bitcoin was that tesla motors had invested a significant amount in bitcoin, and his second tweet stated that tesla motors have now started taking bitcoin as a payment, and the payment received in bitcoin will retain in the form of bitcoin these two statement impacted the value in a positive manner.

However, after few months of the explicit statement, Elon musk stated that tesla motors would not accept bitcoin as a payment method any more due its environmental toll led by the burning of coal and other fossil fuel and everyone have witnessed the incidents happened after this tweet. After one week, the entire cryptocurrency market crashed, and Elon musk was correspondingly blamed for moving the value of bitcoin intentionally from his Twitter handle.

These are some of the factors which you should know about the factors influencing the value of bitcoin.