When it comes to words that describe the average moving experience, luxurious doesn’t tend to be a front-runner. Moves are more commonly labeled as stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting. After all, moving often entails cramming extra tasks into your already hectic schedule and living in disarray as you transition to a new home.

Nevertheless, while this may be true of the average moving experience, no one said your move had to be typical. A white-glove moving service is a perfect way to elevate your move and take it from stressful to luxurious. It will ensure that your moving experience gets infused with the luxury that both you, your home, and your possessions deserve. 

What is White Glove Moving? 

White glove moving goes above and beyond to treat each belonging with extra care to guarantee it arrives at the destination in its original condition. It does this with an array of services thoughtfully tailored to your unique moving needs, all executed by a moving crew with extensive training and experience. However, the moving crew doesn’t just include movers. You may also have a project manager to assess your needs, advise on insurance options, promptly answer questions, and alert you of any changes in a timely manner. These premium services also employ carpenters to build custom crates for valuables like fine art and electronics. 

Each service varies, but they may also offer any combination of locksmithing, antique restoration, media installation, and interior design advice. 

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Photos Courtesy of OZ Moving. Joe Leih

Who Should Consider White Glove Moving?

White glove moving is ideal for people that value their time, have high-end or fragile items, or want a stress-free moving experience. More specifically, though, this luxury service is ideal for these 5 types of people. 

1. The Collector

You love to surround yourself with the finer things in life and the hunt for pieces to complete your collections gives you a thrill. Whether you collect fine art, figurines, or grandiose statues, keeping your possessions safe is of utmost importance to you.  

White glove movers will diligently check that your belongings are strapped down in the moving truck and may even use a truck with a padded interior as an additional layer of precaution. Prefer to unpack your own belongings? Each box will be precisely labeled and placed in the corresponding room of your new home. 

2. The Adventurer

You’re a free spirit that is always up for an adventure, whether that means riding your motorcycle through the mountains or catching a flight on a whim. However, one thing is for sure—you would prefer to dream up your next trip over ironing out the details of your move. You have a lot of souvenirs from your travels that are priceless and could not be replaced if damaged and probably own recreational vehicles. 

This premium moving service takes care of not only the heavy lifting but packing and unpacking as well. For moving fragile items or priceless belongings,  they use custom-made crates to provide each piece with optimal protection. Items this is commonly applied to include recreational vehicles, antiques, fine art, electronics, chandeliers, pianos, and grandfather clocks. They also have the expertise that many regular movers lack to safely and efficiently moving larger items like motorcycles and hot tubs. 

3. The Homebody

Your home is your sanctuary and you take a lot of pride in it. You love to be surrounded by your belongings and all the comforts that a home can offer. Generally, you spend a lot of time at your residence, so you don’t want to be living out of boxes. 

Besides unpacking your home for you, a white-glove moving service can also assemble your furniture, arrange your belongings, and install your media. Some even staff an interior designer to make sure that not only everything gets unpacked, but the final result looks amazing.

4. The Hawkeye

You are a detail-oriented person that can’t stand when things are messy or out of place. You tend to notice even minor imperfections, so your home is always clean and in order.  

White glove movers don’t just take extra steps to protect your belongings, but your home as well. This often entails runner rugs rolled out to protect floors from damage and dirt. A ramp may be used on stairs or a platform on the lawn for the same reasons. Plus, all boxes and any garbage produced will get tended to before the movers leave the premises, so you aren’t stuck with a million boxes cluttering your home. 

The Socialite

Your schedule is always packed with work and social engagements. You love to be out and about and live your fast-paced lifestyle. However, you’re afraid that you have no room to squeeze a move in. After all, you would far prefer to be scoping out the latest restaurant than being stuck at home packing boxes. 

This is why white-glove moving offers a variety of services that require no effort on your part. In fact, you don’t even have to touch a cardboard box—unless you want to, of course. They can do everything from packing to setting up your home, so you can continue enjoying the things you love most. 

Luxury is all about comfort. And it’s nearly impossible to feel comfortable when you’re stressed. White glove movers go the extra mile every step of the way to ensure your move is custom designed to suit you and your home’s needs. This premium service will greatly minimize the stress of the transition and you only have to do as much work as you want to—even if that means none.

You deserve your free time and you’ve worked hard for what you own, so let someone with the expertise and equipment take over your move and help guarantee it is a positive experience!