Italy has always been the furniture industry leader, and it’s hard to find another country that can brag about such a striking array of talented designers. If your taste for furniture doesn’t know such a term as “too sumptuous,” then Italian high-end brands are your perfect match. Wonder, who is the most famous of them? Keep reading and find the answer!


This is the newest brand of Arredoclassic, a famous Italian company based in picturesque Pisaro. It stands out of the crowd thanks to the unique combination called luxury-à-porter, meaning that true glamour goes together with affordable product solutions.

Adora’s rich collections of contemporary furniture spiced up with a pleasant retro twist cover a huge range of items, from sofas, chaise lounges, and wardrobes to dining sets, showcases, and coffee tables. This brand has a lot to offer for the real connoisseurs of luxury furniture looking for signature pieces and state-of-the-art design where nothing is left to chance. Opulent fabrics and plenty of exquisite details do add to the overall magnificent picture and leave no doubt that this furniture can make every home a more stunning and comfortable place to live.

BelMondo By Ezio Bellotti

This brand comes from Cabiate, a commune in the province of Como in the Italian region Lombardi. It takes no more than 20 minutes to get from Cabiate to Milan, a global fashion and design capital. Belmondo’s style is for those who value uniqueness in every detail and want to have an exclusive interior that no one else has. The company’s striking collections of contemporary furniture can fit any space, while the wide choice of accessories can kindle the most demanding customers’ imagination.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Who hasn’t heard of Lamborghini? Synonym to all posh, lavish, and fashionable, this brand also has a furniture line. Timeless design, a winning combination of clear and sharp lines, dynamic forms with a high-quality finish – if you love the mechanical DNA of the Lamborghini family, you will love their home theater seating, sectionals, desks, cabinets, and all other sophisticated pieces they create. If you are looking for the high-end fusion of elegance and comfort, safely call off the search and do not look further than the Tonino Lamborghini collection.

Asnaghi Interiors

It all started as a small family business at the beginning of the 1900s in Meda, a current center of Italian furniture production, to grow into the internationally renowned industry leader. If you like classic style with plenty of imperial gold, complicated forms, baroque carvings, and lavish fabrics, then Asnaghi Interiors can easily become your firm favorite. To get a better idea of what we are trying to describe, look at their Ibisco Throne Chair made of solid beech wood, and finished in luxury gold leaf.

Second to none, Italy is a golden standard in the world of furniture design that many other manufactures try to emulate. If you want a truly exclusive interior, consider taking a closer look at these fabulous brands.