There are many exotic places to visit, all with their own merits. However, if you’ve never thought of adding the Bahamas to your travel bucket list, it’s time to change your mind. Sailing in the Bahamas is one of the finest vacations you can wish to enjoy. It features beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and stunning wildlife, all taken in from the deck of a floating home away from home.


The Bahamas is an island nation of 29 islands and dozens of cays and islets, so sailing is the ideal way to visit. Sailing gives you the ultimate freedom to island hop at will, allowing for plenty of flexibility in your plans, which is hard to achieve when relying on scheduled ferries and flights. Is the cay you planned to visit too busy? No problem, pull the anchor and cruise around the coast a little until you find a secluded spot.

Something For Everyone

Charter boats provide a fantastic opportunity for holidaymakers of all skills and interests. Fully chartered yachts allow people with no sailing experience the chance to enjoy a relaxed luxury sailing experience. In contrast, those who enjoy the practical side of sailing can hire a bareboat Bahamas charter. Hiring a bareboat charter plus skipper is also an excellent option for those on a tight budget. There truly is an option for everyone. 


The Bahamas are home to many notable wild residents that are a highlight of any trip to the area. Bimini dolphins are known to swim alongside boats as they cruise between the islands and cays, an experience visitors will talk about long after. Visiting the area by boat also allows visitors to experience other creatures in their ocean home firsthand. Catch a glimpse of a turtle as it swims by, or see nurse sharks hunting for fish. At dusk, turn your eyes to the sky to catch a glimpse of bats exiting the limestone caves as they wake up and look for food.


You needn’t stay on board to see the wildlife as the crystal-clear Caribbean waters reveal the underwater scenery to stunning effect. Slip off the side of your yacht for snorkeling or scuba diving at your leisure. Or drop anchor and spend the day exploring inland for a change of pace. Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island gives visitors a fascinating opportunity to spend time underground in the many subterranean limestone caves. A stark contrast to the mangrove swamps above ground.


Feasting your eyes on the unique wildlife and scenery is good for the soul but won’t help your stomach. Thankfully the Bahamas has the solution with countless eateries from street food to fine dining options. Naturally, seafood features heavily in Bahamian cuisine, but if you’re looking for a change of pace, there are plenty of other delicious dishes from which to choose.

With so much on offer and the spontaneity of cruising on a sailboat, it’s little wonder we recommend you make sailing the Bahamas a must-visit destination on your vacation bucket list.