Anything you can think of already exists on the internet. It’s hard to deny our reliance on the internet, and that isn’t necessarily bad considering the number of things we can do with it. We can entertain ourselves with it, order our food with it, teach ourselves new things, and even work with it. The internet is amazing so long as you use it for the right things.

Nowadays, it’s no longer difficult to get a connection set up at your house. As there are many providers with access to a huge network, all you need to do is contact an agent and apply. Now, it’s not enough to secure an internet connection. It’s also important that you’re getting the fastest speeds possible.

From a global perspective, the average connection speed is currently around 96MBPS. This is more than enough for work, streaming, and much more. Why is it vital that you get a fast connection to the web? Moreover, what kind of internet speeds should you really avoid getting?

Media Streaming

Streaming platforms are slowly but surely edging out cable TV. There are many benefits to these platforms, including ad-free viewing, a huge library of shows and movies, and the ability to watch anytime you want on whichever platform you prefer. As these streaming platforms’ quality improves, you’re going to need a fast connection to play movies.

It’s hard to believe that a decade ago, the best resolution we can get through streaming was 720p. Now, streaming giants like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and more are capable of 4K streaming. If you’ve yet to see how great 4K streaming is, it’s basically like watching things unfold before your very eyes. It makes the experience more immersive.

Obviously, streaming in 4K eats up a ton of bandwidth. You’re going to spend more time waiting for a movie to load rather than watching it if you’re going to be playing such films with a connection of around 20MBPS. Some streaming platforms also automatically scale the video resolution depending on your net speed, so if you want clear pictures, a fast connection is a must.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Having an internet connection is not free. You can spend up to $50 per month, according to Spectrum’s internet prices on the low end, and go all the way up to $109.99 monthly, depending on the download speed you require. As a consumer, you’d want only the best for the money you spend. Ideally, you’d want not just a fast connection; you’d also want an internet connection that’s stable and rarely goes down.

In some countries, internet connection is abysmal though the prices are high. In the Philippines, for instance, for around $50 a month, you can get connected with speeds up to 50MBPS only. As compared to other countries, the speeds are higher at this rate, which means the subscribers are basically not getting their money’s worth.

Work And Classes

The pandemic has been active for almost a year now. Since being announced, the pandemic has forced governments worldwide to enforce a lockdown state. Things aren’t what they used to be for a year now. In the beginning, businesses and schools had to shut down and stop operations. However, as the pandemic dragged on, it was apparent that adjustments had to be made.

Most companies are still operating thanks to the internet. Company heads made the decision to allow their workers to take their work home, and things have been great so far. In cases like these, a fast connection is very important. It allows for maximum productivity and connection to the workplace.

Classes are still ongoing as well. Aside from limited face-to-face classes, schools are also conducting virtual classes online via Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. For students to be able to participate in these classes properly, a fast and stable internet speed is important as well. Abysmal speeds will cause the conference call’s quality to drop severely.

Thanks to today’s top internet speeds, companies and schools can adjust accordingly with the times. We’ve yet to know exactly how long the pandemic will last, so it’s good to know that these institutions are prepared to keep up with society’s current needs.

Maximum Performance For Businesses

If you own a small business such as a restaurant or a shop, internet speeds really matter if you want your business to grow. Companies with slow speeds have difficulty keeping up with the competition simply because it hinders them when it comes to productivity and customer engagement.

Businesses directly engage with their customers through multiple channels online. These include emails, direct chats, and even posts on social media. If you don’t have a decent speed to go along with this, it will be hard to keep up with all of your customers as well.

internet connection thru game console

Gaming And Streaming

Gamers are more than familiar with how difficult it is to play online competitive games through an unstable internet connection. It’s both rage-inducing and impactful to your gameplay. As today’s games are becoming more demanding regarding connectivity, you’ll need to have a fast internet connection if you want to perform at your best.

Platforms like PlayStation Now and Google Stadia also allow you to play games through the net. It’s a cheaper alternative as compared to buying games as you have to pay a subscription fee only. To play these games seamlessly on your computer or console, you’ll need to have a good connection as well.

A good connection is also a must if you’re planning on becoming a game streamer for a career. Top streamers like Ninja and Pokemon earn millions per year. It’s a viable career if you have the skills and personality for it. Of course, to stream games properly, you need a fast connection speed too.

Internet connectivity used to be a luxury that not many had access to decades ago. The industry has improved so much these past couple of years that we now have access to fast and affordable internet plans. It’s a must, whatever your needs may be, so make sure you are getting the best plan possible. Click here to learn about internet statistics this 2022.