It is no secret that people all over the world have serious oral hygiene problems. The consequences of poor dental health are dire ranging from gum disease to heart problems. The fact that we all know this and yet we continue with our bad habits of consuming copious amounts of candy and soda only goes to show us how much we need a big change in the way we approach our daily routines. For this reason, we will go over the main reasons why good dental health is of utmost importance and should be at the core of one’s lifestyle.

Teeth Decay More Easily When You Get Older

It is known that tooth enamel weakens with age which means that the teeth are more susceptible to decay compared to when you were young. This is because our gums are not as strong or healthy and our saliva contains fewer minerals and fluids which help strengthen the teeth as we get old. The good dental health we maintain earlier in life will determine how effective dental care can be on our teeth when we get older. Studies have shown that the rates of dental implants and other dental surgeries go up with age due to various dental problems such as cracked or damaged teeth among others which also means increased dental bills. Luckily, dental implant cost has gone down over the years so more people can afford them. However, the sooner you start taking care of your teeth the easier it will be for a dentist to provide you with proper care when you are older.

Poor Dental Health May Lead To Heart Problems

As we mentioned earlier, poor dental health can lead to various problems ranging from gum disease to heart problems. A big number of people are unaware that there is a direct link between dental health and heart conditions. It was recently discovered that people who suffer from gum disease are more likely to experience coronary artery diseases than those who do not have any dental issues. The bacteria which causes tooth decay enters your bloodstream every time you eat food with sugar in it, this results in the accumulation of plaque within the arteries which eventually leads to the narrowing of blood vessels resulting in heart attacks or strokes due to lack of oxygen reaching other parts of the body because it cannot pass through these blocked blood vessels.

Bad Breath Issues

There is no worse feeling in the world than having a bad case of halitosis or even bleeding gums which directly affect your ability to speak or socialize with other people. A simple paper tissue when used correctly can save you from utter embarrassment and help you maintain a healthy level of confidence when speaking to someone. Bad breath alone will make it extremely hard for people to want anything to do with you especially if they have certain health conditions. In conclusion, there is no reason why one should go on putting their enjoyment at risk just because they are not taking care of their dental hygiene properly.

Poor Dental Health Can Ruin Your Self-Esteem

Nobody likes to be judged whether it is based on your weight, height, or even teeth appearance. However, people who have problems with their teeth will go out of their way not to smile which is truly unfortunate because a big percentage of body language has to do with smiling and laughing. You cannot possibly enjoy yourself when you are constantly worried about how other people are judging you based on your appearance, especially if the problem lies within your mouth. Your level of self-esteem will drop significantly because you are unable to express yourself in social gatherings plus it will make it hard for members of the opposite sex to take you seriously when making conversation with them.

You Cannot Fully Enjoy Food 

Imagine how it would feel if you cannot even enjoy your favorite foods because they make your mouth hurt. This probably means that you will always go out of your way to avoid certain types of food which is truly unfortunate because good dental health should be at the core of one’s lifestyle. When you are not able to eat various types of food, this may limit your chances of having a healthy diet which is essential if you want to remain fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that people with poor dental hygiene are more likely to gain weight compared to those who are taking care of themselves properly on the inside as well as outside. So,¬† if you are constantly worried about your teeth when eating something then it is time to make a few changes for the better starting today.

good dental health

Maintaining good dental health goes beyond having a nice smile and a healthy mouth. You can enjoy food better, have a quality social life, and lower your chances of needing expensive dental care in the future. All it takes is making brushing and flossing a daily habit and you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of life you live. So don’t let your future be ruined by poor dental health because it takes very little effort to maintain a healthy mouth.