There comes a point in every responsible adult’s life when they have to ask themselves one question. Do I really need to buy this? It’s only natural that most of us ask that question, on a regular basis. We live in a world plagued by consumerism, and, well, there’s just a lot of very nice things around to buy. Still, you will need to maintain some form of self-discipline if you want to avoid declaring bankruptcy. But then you stumble upon something like a luxury massage chair, and you find yourself reaching out for your credit card. So, are they really worth the price tag they come with? The short version? Yes, they are. And here’s why.

Therapeutic benefits

Ever had a very stressful week, with your body and mind aching from the frustration and exhaustion? Well, who hasn’t? Now imagine going to the spa at the end of a week like this, getting pampered and massaged all day long, and basically forgetting all about your troubles and pains. There’s something therapeutic and healing about that kind of relaxation, and a massage chair can give you that in your own home. You don’t need to go to a spa or a chiropractor to get some pain relief; you can do it at home.

After they try it, people with chronic back problems and joint pain will wish they’d bought a massage chair a long time ago. The instant relief and relaxation you feel once you settle down in one are just unmatched, and you can enjoy it in front of your TV or on your balcony if you want. Massage chairs have been known to relieve back and joint pain, relax muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep cycles, and just clear your mind in a way few things in life can. These health benefits are some of the main reasons why massage chairs are popular and will continue to be for a long time.

Injury recovery

Massage chairs are also recommended for people recovering from physical injuries, and they might just be a better treatment regimen than those physical therapy sessions you’ll have to go for weeks. If you’re still worried about the cost, think about it this way. For the recovery period, you’ll be paying hundreds of dollars in massage sessions to relieve your pain. You can instead get a massage chair to do that for you, and it’s a one-time payment that will most likely cost you less than the sessions in the long run. And the chair’s here to stay. You are going to eventually stop the external therapy, but the chair will always be there whenever you feel pain or tension in your body.


You can bet your masseuse doesn’t come with the features that come with a massage chair. You naturally have a lot of different types and brands, each with various features and pricing. So, you definitely need to read up on reviews about each to choose the most convenient one for you, and you can check out this page for detailed comparisons between the different brands and what each brings to the table. For instance, some chairs come with several massage programs, and you can tinker with over 100 manual adjustments of various techniques like Shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, and other different kinds of massage.

There are chairs that even offer a 3D massage system that is pretty close to the experience you’d get from an experienced masseuse. Can you imagine a chair that has the ability to scan 1000 acupoints in your body to work on them? The massage chair basically adjusts itself to your body in order to give you the most therapeutic massage you could ask for. For example, the Kahuna Hubot uses computerized scan technology to customize every massage according to the person sitting in the chair in terms of size and shape.

The chair features aren’t just therapeutic in nature. Some come with Bluetooth technology so you can listen to music through the chair’s own speakers, all while enjoying your massage. Others offer heating options for those cold winter nights when you’re just too cold doing anything, and you will not want to get out of the chair even if the house is crashing down around you.


Side view of masseur doing seated massage of back for brunette businesswoman. Photo courtesy of Adobe Free Stock IMage

Saving time

Maybe you still like the traditional massage experience, but the fact remains that a lot of people don’t have time for that. Sometimes your schedule is extremely messed up, and you can barely find the time to even get a good night’s sleep. This is why having a massage chair is a good idea because it’ll save you the time you’d normally spend to go get a massage. You can easily do it at home now. Whether you want to wake up and enjoy a nice quiet massage before the kids wake up, or you work the night shift and would like to get some relaxation before you head to work, this chair can change your life.

Furniture statement

While décor isn’t why most people want to get their hands on a luxury massage chair, it still plays a big factor in it. Walking into different homes, you’ll notice that most furniture pieces are generic, and they all basically look the same. Nothing really stands out. A massage chair can completely change that in your place because manufacturers put a lot of effort into the aesthetic value of the chair as well. So, you can get yourself, one that would complement your décor.

Cost worries a lot of people when it comes to considering the purchase of a luxury massage chair. But ask yourself this: How much do you value your health, time, and personal well-being? These things are invaluable, and there’s nothing more important than being able to enjoy your day without feeling chronic pain and stress. A massage chair can help you get rid of those, and it serves to relieve your pain in the long run. Is it expensive? Yes, it definitely is. Yet, if you do the math, you’ll realize that what you get out of it can be worth all the money in the world.