We’re living in a glorious time: one of true economic hardship. It doesn’t have many perks, but one that does exist is that attitudes have changed as to how we spend our money. The hustle influencers are going out, and the influencers that can show you how to do up your entire rented flat for almost free are coming in. The stores offer items for affordable prices that are dupes of higher-priced items, and some of us are very grateful to use them. Take a look at our tips for how you can bring luxury into your home, even as the word “inflation” gives you the chills.

The most modern styles are budget conscious

Have you noticed the housing crisis has had quite an effect on modern interior design trends? White walls are the mark of a rented apartment, but when so many of us can’t scrape together enough money for a mortgage deposit, it’s become common to either just tolerate the white walls as part of the style or to find a renters’ friendly alternative.

People are hanging art galleries that fill white walls, putting together their own indoor ivy, covering them with removable wallpaper and decals, etc.

A lot of styles might not be budget-friendly in themselves but easily lend themselves to a more humble budget and play into ideas of a more humble lifestyle, like cottagecore and farmhouse.

There are financial options

Of course, buying furniture is the real hurdle. If your home renovations are purely about making a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing nest and not about replacing something that’s damaged beyond repair, the only expense, if you do it right, will be the furniture. We’re not carpenters. And the furniture is going to last a while, so you want something sturdy and high quality.

Luckily, a lot of discount hardware stores offer a wide range of items that would suit lots of styles. You can find your own style emerging from the items you love, take it home now, and worry about paying it down the line. Price Busters, for example, even offers furniture financing for bad credit, so you don’t have to worry if your credit score could look better.

Luxurious really only takes one item

If you actually look at the homes of today’s equivalent of aristocrats, and celebrities, don’t you think their homes look a little bare, to say the least? That’s because they know the value of a statement piece.

Now, no one is saying you need to buy an abstract sculpture and place it in your living room with nothing else, but it does demonstrate that a statement piece can make a room look very stylish in one item. Your sofa can be the statement piece, if it’s a bold color or shape, so can a chair, or a large piece of art. Maybe that’s all you can afford for now, and that’s fine. You put a statement piece in a neutral-toned room. For now, enjoy the compliments on how stylish you are, and worry about adding more color and shape down the line.