In modern design, there has been a strong trend towards more sophisticated, contemporary, and low-maintenance materials for house interiors. While concrete has always been an attractive material to work with due to its durability and style versatility, people have started to incorporate polished concrete floors into their rooms as a long-lasting design solution. 

If you’re still indecisive on what you should consider on your next home renovation, here we share some insight on why polished concrete floors are the design trend of 2021 you should be paying close attention to.

They Offer an Elegant Look

When looking into different options for upgrading or renovating your indoor rooms, polished concrete floors are starting to appear more often as an attractive option. Most design trends go well with a polished concrete floor as part of the background, and such a design works wonderfully with radiant floor heating systems since concrete has great thermal conducting properties. 

The rise in popularity of polished concrete floors is in part thanks to its light-reflective property, which can vary from a subtle glow to a full-blown gloss, depending on the homeowner’s preference. When you have an industrial-looking house, and you want to go with a more modern feel for your indoor decoration, a polished concrete floor is a suitable option for any home renovation.

It’s Easy to Install, Clean, and Maintain

Once you install a polished concrete floor in any area, you’ll only need to worry about sweeping daily to remove any accumulated dust or mopping when someone accidentally spills liquid. Otherwise, damaging this type of flooring is virtually impossible due to the material properties, so don’t be afraid of using it for heavy foot traffic areas. Manufacturers working with Niche Polished Concrete floors also note that concrete is extremely hard to damage by accident. Any scratches, dents, or chips will not negatively affect the look of the concrete floor either since they’re barely noticeable with the polished finish.

polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete Floors have a Long Life Span

One of the greatest advantages of polished concrete floorings for high-traffic areas indoors is that it doesn’t need major maintenance for years if you take proper care of it. The polished concrete offers abrasion resistance and has great moisture resistance if the sealing and finishing touches were properly made. 

Concrete flooring also doesn’t require any potentially dangerous chemicals, cleaners, or adhesives for its installation or daily maintenance. You can be certain that your flooring will last for a decade, which places its life cycle over other traditional options like carpeting or wood laminate. If you’re worried about only using environmentally friendly solutions for your home, polished concrete floors are the way to go.

Contrary to popular belief, concrete floors can offer a colorful and stylish solution for home interiors. Your home’s shared spaces, like living rooms or dining areas, can benefit from polished concrete floors combined with carpets to offer some comfort support for your family’s bare feet. We have associated this durable material with garages, patios, and basements for many years, but its versatility and low maintenance have finally caught people’s attention to incorporate it into their design ideas.