Remember Cher Horowitz’s matching yellow plaid skirt and jacket set in the 90s movie Clueless? The two-piece set trend has been developing for a few decades. A two-piece set, or co-ord set, as it sometimes is called, is a timeless piece that the fashion industry quickly caught on to, and now it is easy to find and purchase a variety of two-piece sets at almost any clothing boutique.

What makes an outfit a trend in fashion? A fashion trend is described as what is popular at a point in time, and right now, a two-piece set is the hottest trend in the fashion industry. Matching two-piece sets are fashion staples for celebrities and fashion bloggers. Instagram is full of influencers wearing their two-piece sets, and there’s a reason why this fashion trend is so popular, you can effortlessly look polished and put together in a stylish two-set suit, or cute and flirty in a matching crop and midi skirt.

personal fashion style

The styles are endless with a two-piece set, from vintage, bohemian, chic, and artsy, to sexy, too casual, and sophisticated, you can find your perfect two-piece set to express your personal fashion style. Not to mention, in a two-piece set, you will find other hot trends, such as crop tops, midi skirts, high-waisted pants, and lots of fun patterns and colors. In one outfit, you are experiencing a bunch of trends in fashion. For an extra bonus, there is a two-piece outfit for almost all special occasions.

The advantages of a two-piece set are endless, especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning for your day ahead has never been easier than picking out your two-piece matching set and adding a statement necklace and cute shoes. More great qualities about a two-piece set are its ability to mix and match with other items of clothing in your closet, extending your wardrobe, and giving you more freedom in your choices of styling your clothing.

The two-piece set is the hottest trend right now, and given its popularity, it doesn’t show any signs of going away. Matching sets are an efficient look, offering sophistication and class. A two-piece set comes in many styles, such as pants, blazers, shorts, and a crop top, or a skirt and an off-the-shoulder top. No matter the style, a two-piece set requires very little thinking when you get dressed, and you can be out the doors in minutes looking effortless.

Probably one of the reasons the two-piece set is such a huge trend is its versatility. When you buy a set, you’re getting three new outfits in one. The two-piece set can be worn together, the top worn with a different bottom, maybe a pair of jeans, and the bottom worn with a different top, perhaps a white tee.  Here are some more benefits of a two-piece set:

  • Excellent prices – purchasing a two-piece set can be less expensive than buying a top and bottom separately.
  • Mixing and Matching – you get the most out of your money with a two-piece set because you can mix and match your pieces with other clothing in your closet, which freshens up your outfit choices.
  • Mornings are a Breeze – being stylish has never been so easy. There’s no need to waste time in the morning trying to piece together an outfit, it is as simple as throwing on your two-piece set and walking out the door.
  • Perfect Color Match – no more trying to match a top and pants to find the shade is off, especially with a dark color. Purchase a black two-piece set, and you never need to worry about color being off on your outfit. With a two-piece set, the shades are going to be the same.
  • Length is Not an Issue – two-piece sets do not have the issue with the torso being too long because the top and bottom are disconnected. You can wear the waist higher or lower, depending on your personal preference.

This fashion trend dates back to the early 1990s and is showing no signs that it is going away, if anything it’s the opposite, it is bringing back more old fashion trends and refreshing our wardrobes. A two-piece set has a variety of fantastic materials, patterns, and silhouettes, not to mention they are comfortable and look good on all body types. The two-piece sets offer maximum versatility in an outfit. It’s time to embrace that this fashion trend that began a few decades ago will be around for a lot longer.