If visualizing a wet bar in the home conjures up vintage scenes of gold-veined mirror tiles and June Cleaver-Esque wives shaking martinis for the husband’s business cronies – think again.  While it’s true, home-based wet bars were a status symbol for the middle class in the 1950s and 60s, that old stodgy stereotyped style has changed dramatically over the years. The wet bar is making a big comeback and its reemergence is taking shape in clever ways within luxury homes around the world.

What is a Wet Bar?

A wet bar is a designated area in the home separate from the kitchen where homeowners can prepare drinks for guests. Its primary distinction is that it has a faucet with a sink. They were the rage in the baby boomer era when throwing cocktail parties was commonly done at home after the kids were sent to bed.  Wet bars were (and still are) convenient when entertaining guests in the den or living room because they helped the host keep beverages flowing without having to run back and forth to the kitchen.

Why Would You Want a Wet Bar?

Convenience and Comfort: A big appeal to a wet bar is experiencing the comfort and convenience of entertaining from your own home.  Whether you are hosting the next Super Bowl or serving up a five-course, fine dining theme party, a wet bar is an ideal option for gathering guests in a welcoming environment. It’s also a boon to folks who love to entertain but would rather avoid loud crowds and bar scenes that often put the kibosh on quality socializing.

Reduce Foot Traffic:  A designated wet bar easily serves as a gathering area for guests and party-goers. This is advantageous if you prefer your guests to mingle rather than have them spread out all over the place. A wet bar eliminates a lot of travel to the kitchen too, which keeps the crowding factor down when attending to cooking and catering duties.

Increase Home Value: Depending upon where and how your wet bar is featured in your home, it may add real estate value to the price of your home. As with any home improvement, there is no guarantee adding a tastefully designed wet bar will fetch a higher price when you sell your home. However, if the functionality and the style are spot-on, it may appeal to potential buyers.

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Source: Etsy.com

Innovative and Luxury Wet Bar Ideas for the Home

How you choose to present a wet bar in the home is contingent upon your style, purpose, budget, and layout of your house. In some instances, you might be able to DIY a new bar with minimal effort or investment. This is especially true if your plumbing can be easily routed to the desired location of the new wet bar. Just a few slight adjustments such as installing a countertop, repairing pipes with epoxy, or repurposing a few shelves can result in a smashing wet bar display without breaking the budget.  However, if money is not an option, here are a few luxurious ideas for wet bar installations in the home.

Basement Bar Chic: There’s nothing wrong with the ‘man cave’ look for a basement bar, but let’s class things up a bit by adding luxury and finesse.  Set the mood for elegant entertaining down below with warm, ambient lighting. Consider building a wet bar around your wine collection, it will look refined as well as add convenience. Showcase stemware around the bar with an elegantly crafted cabinet with glass doors and interior lighting. You get the idea, you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to introducing a wet bar to your home basement.

Take the Party Outdoors:  Outdoor rooms and kitchens are a growing trend these days. This makes a lot of sense because it utilizes beautiful backyard landscapes, and allows guests to dance and play all while saving the interior of your home from potential damage or accidents.  If you have such a space, think about installing a wet bar in your outdoor kitchen or living space. Your options are endless, just keep weather conditions in mind. For example, a stainless steel sink is a better option for an outdoor wet bar because it’s more weather resistant than ceramic. Other items to consider are appropriate lighting, a weatherproof countertop, glassware storage, ice storage, or a mini-fridge.

Last Call for Wet Bars in Your Home

At the end of the day, a wet bar adds loads of convenience for entertaining at home. You can also inject your style and make a bar installation an impressive feature that will charm your guests as they enjoy the festivities you provide for them. Whether you’re looking to add ease, comfort, or enjoyment to your entertainment endeavors, a wet bar is a great way to introduce elegance to any event.