A walk-in bath is a brilliant innovation that features comfort, safety, and peace of mind, delivering a completely relaxing bathing experience that you can’t get from any other bathtub style. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bathing space that users can walk directly into. While there is nothing wrong with traditional baths, being able to enter and exit your bathing space quickly adds a layer of convenience that users of all ages can appreciate. 

One common misconception about a walk-in bath is that it is only designed for the elderly. But at the end of the day, we all deserve to feel comfortable and safe in our own homes. And besides, at some point, you will grow older anyway. So, why not future-proof your bathroom while you’re still young? Whether you live with your senior parents or want to take advantage of a walk-in bath’s safety advantages, here are essential features that you must consider when shopping for a walk-in tub. 

Outward-opening doors

A walk-in bath is outfitted with an inward-opening or outward-opening door. The doors will help you to safely step into the tub while creating a seal behind it once it’s closed. The seal on the door reduces the risk of falls and effectively blocks water leakage out of the tub. While inward doors are excellent for superior leak protection, it necessitates the user to drain the tub entirely before exiting the tub. On the other hand, an outward-opening bath makes leaving the tub more accessible and safer. This door style also prevents the awkward motion of stepping around the door before opening it. 

Appropriately sized tub 

Save time and money by narrowing your selection to walk-in tub sizes that are appropriate for the available space in your bathroom. It would be best if you first determine whether your existing bathroom set-up will look and function better with the addition of a walk-in bath. In some cases, adding a walk-in bath can make your bathroom more crowded, increasing the risk for slips and falls. However, if you live with a senior loved one and expanded space for self-hygiene is a top priority, choosing a larger walk-in tub will prove a wise investment over time. If you are shopping for the elderly, select a model featuring the lowest step-in height to ensure they won’t have any problems stepping in and out of the bathtub with minimal to no assistance.

Enhanced comfort

Another reason why senior households are replacing their modern bathtubs with a walk-in option is due to their comfort features. The inherent design of a walk-in tub means your body will be submerged in water faster than filling a traditional tub. Instead of getting half of that on a conventional tub design, you can fill up to four feet of water using a walk-in bathtub. 

Final thoughts

A well-designed bathtub from a reputable manufacturer displays superior functionality, comfort, and safety. With high-tech features, safety rails, and bubble jets, to name a few, a walk-in bathtub makes for a more soothing and relaxing bathing experience, all for a much lower price point.