The rowing machine offers an all-round body workout. It operates by imitating the rowing of a boat. The rowing machine works from a sitting position, and it engages all the muscles in the body. It is your one-way ticket to a full-body workout. The many routines required to complete an all-round body tone up at the gym could be overwhelming and at the same time inefficient. So, if you are looking for a low impact, fat burning, and aerobic boosting machine, your one-stop would be a rowing machine. This machine is usually underused in most gyms. It is no surprise because when the importance of a thing isn’t known, its abuse or neglect is inevitable. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should hop on a rowing machine when next you visit the gym.

Mind-body connection

The mind-body connection that goes with the routine rowing back and forth is absolute. Unlike other machines like the treadmill that requires you to run, this machine engages your thought processes.

The strokes and the flow create a mind soothing rhythm that motivates you to go beyond your imagined capacity. While rowing, you are allowed to listen to your body muscles react to every stroke. 

The process helps build a focus that you can use in other activities outside the gym. Professionals say the rower machine enables you to release endorphins that reduce stress and boost happy chemicals in the body. It also helps to improve cognition.

Perfect for all ages and fitness levels

Rowing machines do not discriminate between ages or fitness levels. Both young and old, fit and unfit, and all gender preferences can enjoy the benefits of the rowing machine. There are different types of rowing machines. The professionals at show images of the various models and their applications. These models have different resistance levels that help build over 12 muscles in the body. They are also appropriate for all fitness levels. For the old, it puts them in a relaxed sitting position and helps exercise their knees, ankles, calves, core, shoulders, and back muscles. For the young, it is an all-around fitness trainer, a toner, and builds better posture.

Super Alternative

Here comes the perfect alternative if working out with different routines has begun to wear you out. The reason a lot of people visit the gym is to keep fit and burn calories. So, you do these sessions for different parts of the body to stay in shape. 

Many times, you feel sore, accompanied by muscle pains when you finish working out. With the rowing machine, you can burn up to 300 calories in thirty minutes and feel fresh. The one reason many people swap treadmills for rowing machines is that it is complete. Not only does it take less to see more results, but the results are entire.

All-round body fitness

When you hop on a rowing machine, you get your legs, arms, shoulders, stomach, back, neck, and head muscles working. You remain seated, which relaxes and helps you focus when your entire system is engaged. Professionals say you use over 80% of your body muscles when you get on a row machine. It tones up your legs as you pull back and push the front, engages your biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles as you row back and forth. In the middle of this, your stomach squeezes every time the process of push and pull occurs. There are also internal benefits to the body. The rate of your heartbeat increases and balances as the flow continues. It also helps strengthen your lungs as you can breathe freely and take in more air as the process ensues. 

Reduced risk of injury

The rower machine is a low impact and thus reduces the strain on the muscles. During the workout, you can regulate pace and resistance; so you don’t overwork your muscles. The sitting position eliminates the fear of falling or dropping some heavyweight on yourself. The machine is static, so you can take breaks in between to catch your breath. You can do as many repetitions as your strength can carry. The rower gives you total control while helping you achieve your workout goals. It is also safe for usage at home. 

Male using rowing machine

The pandemic has made it impossible for gyms to open, so our options are aerobics or long walks. But with the rowing machine, you can still achieve your fitness goal. It is the most convenient and appropriate workout machine for the period and after.