You can get a dog bite from your pet, your neighbor’s dog, or a stray dog. When bitten by someone’s dog, the situation can be devastating, and you may not know the action to take. Of course, the first step will be to seek medical attention, depending on the bite. Most people do wonder if it will be right to call a lawyer for the injuries sustained. Such a situation becomes confusing if it’s your friend’s or neighbors dog, and it wasn’t intentional. This article has some vital information you need to read concerning dog bites and why it’s essential to contact a lawyer. Read on to find out more.

Is The Dog Bite Serious?

How serious is the bite? Sometimes, a dog bite will result in a few scratches and bruises on the skin. Most people do let this slip off, terming it as a normal dog acting on its instincts. However, regardless of the injuries, you have to seek medical attention immediately. It is essential to visit a doctor and have the situation checked. When the injuries are more pronounced, it means higher medical bills and more time out of your regular duties. As explained by Jerome O. Fjeld, any severe injuries that lead to medical bills and loss of time and wages will require compensation. The situation means that when the dog isn’t yours, you would need to file for a compensation case. You will need an injury lawyer to carry you through the compensation process.

An injury lawyer will help you gather the dog’s bite evidence and get details concerning the injuries and medication cost. They will also follow up with the dog’s owner and plan how you’ll be compensated for the damages. 

A dog bite can cause more than an injury. Other than the pain, you may not do your daily duties as required, thus losing your wages if the bite was extensive. You can also suffer other diseases related to dog bites. These infections include rabies, Tetanus, Pasteurella, and much more. It is crucial getting a competent lawyer who will get deeper into the situation and see what and at how much you need compensation.

Who’s At Fault In A Dog Bite Injury?

Dogs are domesticated animals. Most people take them as pests while others keep them to boost security. Sometimes, they become unpredictable. They can bite you when you least expect it. Sometimes they might bite you because you are a stranger or when they are scared of something. 

Many factors determine who’s at fault when you suffer a dog bite. It can be either you as the passerby or the dog and its owner. Here are some things which are put into consideration to determine the person at fault.

  • Was the dog living in a fenced homestead?
  • Was it leashed?
  • Was the dog’s owner present during the bite?
  • Were you trespassing when the dog bit you?
  • Did you provoke the dog in any way that leads it to bite you?

These details vary from one state to another. In some states, the dog’s owner becomes at fault regardless of how the accident happened. The dog owner might have evidence or a lawyer to prove their innocence too. It is essential to have a competent lawyer who will help in the investigation to determine if the dog owner is at fault or not.

When Should You Call Your Lawyer?

You need to call your lawyer immediately if you suffer the dog bites. The situation will be regardless of the person at fault and the injuries sustained. Dog bites are sensitive, and you might not have much time to waste. There are also legal limitations regarding when you can file a claim after suffering the bite.

Early intervention will help in securing the evidence and will help you stay safe from third-party intervention. The dog’s owner might file a case suing you for provoking their dog, which led to the bite. 

It is essential to contact your lawyer immediately, who will guide you on the actions to take. A reputable lawyer has all details concerning dog-bite laws, limitations regarding your case and understands the steps to take in filing for compensation.

What Gets Compensated?

A dog bite is like any other injury case. You get compensated for the medical bills, damaged clothing and other belongings, and lost wages. You will also get compensated for the pain and suffering caused by the bite and other ailments, including disabilities.

dog bite

Hiring a lawyer during a dog’s bite is necessary. They will help in diagnosing the situation and help you gather the evidence required for compensation. Before then, you have to check the intensity of the bite and emergency actions to secure your health and avoid further injuries. It would be best to get full compensation for the injuries suffered.