You might not think of a windscreen cover as a particularly desirable item, but it could make your life a whole lot easier. In the depths of winter, they can keep your windscreen clear of ice and snow, saving you time and fuel when you’re defrosting. In summer, a cover can stop the sun’s rays from turning your car’s interior into a kiln.

With numerous choices out there, it can be tempting to just pick the cheapest or one near the counter at the garage. However, there’s a whole world of windscreen covers and shields out there, some that work all year round and others that are designed for summer or winter. Different-sized screens are available, so don’t fret if you’re perusing cars for sale UK bound, considering a much larger or smaller car.

We’ve sifted through the options out there and selected some of the best windscreen covers available.

Keep an eye out for them if you’re shopping online or nipping into Halfords.


EcoNour Car Windshield SunShade

If you want the sunshade that best fits your car’s windscreen, this should do the job. It’s available in five sizes and a handy chart is provided to show what size suits which car. Polyester construction means it helps to reflect sunlight, keeping your car’s interior temperature bearable. When you want to drive, it folds into a useful storage bag.


  • Simple but effective


  • No good in winter

Plastific Front Windscreen Sunshade

There’s nothing particularly innovative or clever about this, but it works. Attach the sunshade to your windscreen using the suction cups and it’ll reflect UV rays to keep your car cool in summer. It easily folds for storage making it a simple solution.


  • Easy to use
  • Slim profile when folded to tuck away in your boot


  • Only windscreen covered

Sun and frost protection

AA Windscreen Sun Shield and Frost Protection

Instead of sticking this to the windscreen, you pass tabs through the side windows. Once you roll the glass back up, the cover is held securely in place. There’s a black side designed to absorb heat and protect against frost, and a white heat-reflective side to protect against the sun. It’s also fantastic value for money, especially considering its double use.


  • Firm fixing
  • All-year use


  • Windscreen only

Beneir All Weather Windscreen Shield

If you’re prepared to up your budget by a modest amount, this all-weather Beneir cover is our top pick. It’s made from thick, hard-wearing Oxford fabric with a waterproof layer that guards against snow, ice, rain and UV rays. Whatever the season, your car will be a more pleasant thing to get into.

As an added bonus you get side mirror covers, handy on winter mornings, and a storage bag so it’ll fit tidily in your boot. The only downside is that the combination of straps and magnets used to fit it makes it fiddly to fit.


  • Great all-year protection
  • Mirror covers


  • Other options are easier to fit