If you love variety in your themes of Slots, then Casino at Paddy Power is the place for you! Ranging from anything and everything you can think of, from plotted adventures to deep in the animal kingdom, there truly is something for everyone.

But, today, let’s focus on our greatest love of all – food. We need it, and we crave it, and now we can also play slot games with it! Read on to find out some of our top taste-bud tingling Slots that you have to try!

Sausage Party

Got a taste for something a little more exciting? Well, this could be the perfect slot for you. Based on the provocative and outspoken film that hit cinemas back in 2016, this slot has thankfully received a better reception than its muse! Crude and raunchy, the original film certainly wasn’t to everyone’s tastes!

The slot kicks off for just 0.10 coins, yet offers payouts of over 500x your line bet – quite a good deal if you ask us! The reels are packed full of fresh and tempting groceries, just begging to be plucked and purchased. These cocky characters hold values of anything from 4x your bet, all the way to 500x, if you manage to match three or more of the following:

  • Standard card symbols
  • Sammy Bagel, Jr. 
  • Kareem Abdul Lavash
  • Brenda and Frank Sausage
  • Boxes of sausages (acting as the scatter symbol, which can also be stacked)
  • A wild icon (which doubles as the jackpot symbol)

While three of the regular symbols will reward you with a fixed prize, three or more of the packaged sausage scatters will trigger a bonus round. Before you enter your bonus round, you’ll get to spin a wheel and reveal which feature, out of a possible six, will be coming your way. The bonus rounds vary in levels, some possessing more profit potential than others – so fingers crossed that you bag yourself a big spender! 

Fruit Snap

If you’re a fan of a good old fruit machine, along with a bit of a sugar rush, then this slot might be the perfect choice for you! 

Taking inspiration from the old school pub pastime, your favorite fruits fill the spaces across the eight reels and eight rows. Instead of the usual pay lines that we find within the majority of online Slots, Fruit Snap instead works from a Cluster Pay mechanism, simply locking in clusters of five or more symbols at a time. You will also find a selection of meters at the side of the reels, waiting to be filled throughout the game. When one of the meters is full, all low-value symbols will be swiftly removed from the game, leaving only the top prizes up for grabs!

There are three meters to utilize in this game. The aforementioned Symbol Removal Meter will begin to fill with any symbols that are involved in winning combinations. If you manage to fill this meter during a single set of winning symbol cascades, then the high-value bonus symbols will dominate the reels and come into play. The second meter focusses on Double Symbols, asking to be filled with only one symbol in particular. Once complete, this symbol will be eliminated from the reels. If it’s a higher paying symbol in question, then it’ll trigger a Double Win Upgrade feature, offering you the chance to double your payout and earn up to 1,554x your first bet with lucky sevens on the reels. The last meter to consider is the Bonus Crown, lending its hand in triggering a free spins feature to further add to your gameplay.