Being strong is a quality that women have started not only to appreciate but also work towards. Bodybuilding has been a goal that many women have been engaged in, which can easily be achieved with a healthy source of nutrition combined with the right workouts.

So, if bodybuilding is on your checklist here are a few workout and diet tips to help you get on track:

Lifting weights

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights will not make your body bulky or seem like you’re auditioning for the hulk. If you’re looking to follow a plan regarding bodybuilding for beginners, your strength training should include lifting weights. Your plan should include heavyweight training that is repeated  6-12 times for 3 rounds. This way, it is much more effective than using lighter weights with more repetitions. Weights help increase muscle mass when combined with the right nutrition and also increase metabolism to reduce the number of fats in the body.

cardio training for a female bodybuilder

Cardio Training

While weight training is a great tool for bodybuilding, it is best combined with cardio training to get the desired effect on the body. Cardio training helps build stamina, improve your fitness levels, and also aids in building muscle and burning fat. For best results, it is advisable to work on a separate muscle group each time and combine both cardio and weights in your workout. That way, your body will benefit the most from both pieces of training and you won’t get bored of doing just one workout for the duration of your exercise period.

Nutrition food for a female bodybuilder


Your workout alone is only 20-30% of the plan, but the most effective tool to reach your goals is the food that you eat.

Healthy food high in protein, a must for a female bodybuilder


It is essential to not only eat more protein but ensure that you get a source of protein in your body right after your workout. That is because the body needs protein to help repair the muscles and ensure their growth. Without protein, you’ll actually be causing more damage to your muscles. While there are many different ways to calculate how much protein your body needs, the most common rule is that for each kilogram of weight, your body needs 0.8 g of protein per day. That means that if you weigh 60 kg, your body would need 48 g of protein each day.

healthy unsaturated fats, omega 3 for a female bodybuilder

Healthy fats

Your body needs healthy fats to be used as energy and also to increase metabolism. These healthy fats can be found in Omega 3-6 or 9 fatty acid sources such as Salmon, eggs, flax seeds, avocados, or nuts. These sources play an important role in hormone production which in turn helps in building muscle.

Getting the body you desire needs determination and consistency, but it is also important to follow the right plan. In order to build muscle, the body needs to follow a consistent exercise plan and ensure that you’re getting the right nutrients not only in the correct dosage but also to be eaten at a specific time. Remember that a healthy diet is a key to getting the body of your dreams.