Using fashion to tell a story and interact with the world has always been a priority to consumers and designers, but the stories people tell change every year. For example, 2016 was the return of chokers, an accessory that is regal and powerful, telling a tale similar to those told by the queens that reigned during the Victorian Era who wore them too. This year, people are fond of telling stories that are sleek and polished. In fashion today, less is more, as is the case in other artistic areas, including website design and interior design.

Sleek Design in Fashion

Our world today is crowded with information, and as a result, it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything. In fashion, there was once a time where more was better. Many looks were overcomplicated with rings, scarves, belts, and layers. In 2021, minimal, sleek design has become an attractive and desired trend.

sleek interior design

Nude colors, dresses that are perfectly fit, and sleek shoulder bags are just some of the looks that will become closet staples this year. Even Kendall Jenner’s super-sleek low bun, which Jennifer Lopez has also sported, has become a fashion trend, vastly different from the years of backcombing and hair doughnuts.

Sleek Design in Website Design

Sleek design as an emerging trend can be found in other artistic areas outside of fashion, too. For example, sleek website designs have become a favored approach to reverse high bounce rates. Meaning, when websites are overcomplicated in their design, consumers tend to exit almost immediately.

Websites that have sleek designs in terms of usability, color schemes, mobile integration, and identity design have lower bounce rates. For example, retail sports betting site Pronet Gaming utilizes soft, cool colors like blue, which is seen as a sign of reliability, and its identity design shines immediately. It is thought that if a website doesn’t make its value proposition evident within the first 10-20 seconds, the consumer will bounce off the website. Pronet Gaming masters this by listing off its solutions and applications in an easy-to-read format, giving consumers an immediate value proposition. Beyond that, the features offered on this platform also provide services that are easy to use and understand.

Sleek Design in Interior Design

We also see more homeowners opting for the sleek, modern design in their kitchens and living rooms. Individuals now design their main living areas in a way that’s open and only features a few furnishings. This sleek design can include unique coffee tables, pairing light wood cabinetry with slate grey shelving, oversized floor lamps, and minimalist chairs that make the room more spacious with a touch of simplicity.

In fashion, as well as website and interior design, there was once a time where the more stuff you had, the better the design. Now, however, we live in a world crowded with information and options. People have, as a result, resorted back to things that are minimal and sleek, whether it’s a slick-back bun, tightly fit dresses, or open spaces in homes and websites that don’t overcomplicate their design so as not to have high bounce rates.

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