Sarah Richey is the New York jewelry designer to know. Artist-meet-designer, Richey is known for merging luxury materials with beautiful statement designs. Available at top retailers globally and online at Richey took 5 minutes out of her schedule to talk all things jewelry with us….

When did you decide you wanted to go into jewelry design? How did it all start?

I started working for a fine jewelry designer in Nashville, TN while going to school at Belmont University. I’d stay in her studio till midnight just banging way on metal and catching things on fire. Making as much jewelry as I could for myself and her customers. I fell madly in love. I started selling my pieces off my neck and at that point, I knew I needed to start my own business.

Sarah Richey jewelry
What is your earliest memory of jewelry?

Playing dress up in my moms jewelry box at the age of six. I would put all her big rings on each finger. It made me feel fabulous!

You work a lot with precious stones, what are you favorite materials and why?

I love working with different fossils and geodes. My favorite stones are pyrite, labradorite, and sleeping beauty turquoise. I also love working with wax and casting pieces from nature.

Sarah Richey jewelry

What is your favorite item of jewelry?

My favorite item of jewelry would be my original Luida cuff bracelet. It has the most beautiful black geode crystal I’ve ever seen before on it. I’ve tried to sell it but every time I try I end up wanting it for myself. I also love my flame 14k rose gold ear jacket. I never take it off!

How does the design process begin?

I keep a sketchpad on me so that whenever inspiration hits I am ready I have a sketch pad on my night table so that anytime I have a design in the middle of of the night or early morning I draw it out. After I draw out the design, I start forming it in wax or send it to my metal castor in NYC and she has it made for me.
What are the inspirations behind your designs? Celestial, nature, sea life, and all things spirituality

Sarah Richey jewelry
What would you say is your signature piece? 

My big geode druzy rings…the bigger the better! I would also say my geode slice lariat necklaces. It’s called Liz. All of my pieces are named after my family.

What’s in store for next season?

I’ll be spending the next few months in Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia, while traveling and doing a lot of yoga, I expect plenty of inspiration while I’m there.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to go into jewelry design?

Follow your passion! Know what your genius is and learn to let others do their genius. It makes a huge difference! Stay in your own authentic style when it comes to design…be an artist not imitator.

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