The beautiful Roxy Sowlaty invited us to her home in Beverly Hills to share with us her love for interior design. The star of #RichKids of Beverly Hills opened her own interior design firm specializing in high-end residential projects, and she is soon launching an online do-it-yourself interior design website and HomeGoods product line.

What is your signature decor style?
My signature decor style is definitely refined but still glamorous! I like to create an unelected design with pops of color, sparkle, and gold without getting â€ścheesy”. My style changes depending on who I’m designing for. I like the space to match the person living in it.

Roxy Slowlaty featured in Upscale Living Magazine

What exciting design projects have you been working on?
I’ve really gotten into remodeling over the past 2 months and just completed 2 really fun ones. Both were for hip young parents and they gave me free rein! One was more traditional and chic while the other is more edgy and fun. I always have such a blast with remodeling because I get to transform a space from top to bottom as opposed to just with furniture – so I get to be extra creative!

Roxy Slowlaty featured in Upscale Living Magazine
What interior design trends are you looking forward to winter 2017?
Although I tend to be more of a gold/brass girl, I feel like it’s been so overdone recently. I’m ready for clean aesthetics with statements in brass as opposed to brass or copper overload.

Tell us about your home goods product line, Decor Me:
I make beautiful agate coasters, trays and bookends, some fun banana leaf print furniture and delicious smelling candles! I’m going to introduce some great upholstered items and case goods – such as sofas, chairs and bar cabinets – in the near future too. Designing furniture has always been a passion and a fun way to share my designs with more than just my clients!

Roxy Slowlaty featured in Upscale Living Magazine

Your design business seems to be growing fast. What’s up next for you? 
Knock on wood!! Always striving to work harder, create more products and have more projects. The more the better!!! LOL! I love what I do and have so much fun every day. Even when I get home covered in construction dust.