There is a lot of talk in the media about the use of cryptocurrency to purchase real estate. But what if you could use a cryptocurrency tailored uniquely to the needs of the luxury market?

Switzerland-based Idoneus has done just that. Combining their stunning portfolio with their highly secure cryptocurrency, the IDON, they are focused on delivering full value in luxury asset exchange and are able to offer additional deals and value to people looking to buy, sell or rent their high-value luxury property.

The latest addition is an exquisite property; 21 acres of picturesque, developable land, private estate with its very own private beach in Eleuthera, the Bahamas that features an oceanfront villa, and its own private island.

Idoneus property in the Bahamas

The 2,000 sq. ft. oceanfront villa, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, is surrounded by beautiful Caribbean waters on three sides. Views are spectacular from sunrise to sunset. The home-like new, with contemporary furniture and very comfortable living spaces. There is a large deck with loungers and a small private pool in addition to the sea, as well as a gazebo and tiki bar.

The villa even has four years of high occupancy rental history.

This property offers several development opportunities, including a concept for glamping “glorified camping” that can be found on the Idoneus Portfolio website. The property can feature 32 structures, which can include two units each for a total of 64 units-either canvas or hard roof.

Idoneus property in the Bahamas

Eleuthera itself is the distinct, crescent-shaped island positioned approximately 50 miles east of the Bahamas’ capital of Nassau. The waters between the island and its capital are comprised of shallow ocean waters, prized for their beautiful natural coral reefs and some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean.

The island’s thin, serpentine form means plenty of real estates is available along its 110-plus miles of sandy coastline. These waterfront properties provide unrestricted access to the sublime, warm Caribbean waters, allowing residents to access an exquisite marine playground.

Idoneus property in the Bahamas

Matt Schilowitz, Property Manager, states, “The decision to work with Idoneus was an obvious choice when looking to diversify our portfolio. Their exceptional reputation for trust and quality within the luxury asset market, combined with IDON, their secure, native payment token, provides us with a great route to the full value of the investment.”

With real estate and other high-value luxury assets, the issue is achieving full value for your investment. To date, some people may be concerned about the price volatility of some cryptocurrencies and the decreasing value of the dollar. Idoneus, with a focus on the exchange of value, provides increased access to an exclusive portfolio of attractive luxury assets, goods, and services while also managing the volatility associated with the use of other cryptocurrencies and cash.

Along with IDON, the property owner will also accept the major cryptocurrencies of BTC and ETH as well.

To find out more about this property, visit Idoneus Portfolio – 21-Acres of private oceanfront, developable land with turnkey villa located in Eleuthera, The Bahamas

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