You can’t do better than Bader. And rely on an eminent stem-cell scientist for your self-healing needs. A little TLC means a little TFC8. Plus a knowledge of Aristotle, momentum bionics, and epigenetics.

Replenishing facial oil, plumping night creams, nourishing cleansing gels, luxurious, intensely hydrating body lotions, deeply-penetrating, ultra-potent exfoliating toners, skin-transforming potions, soft silky age-defying serums, and buttery balms, Augustinus Bader offers a range of luxury skin tonics and elixirs which he calls “PPC” – Precise Personalized Cosmetics.

Augustinus Bader skincare products

The German professor’s products are inspired by thirty years of groundbreaking research into regenerative medicine. He worked with burns victims.  He calls his creations “smart creams”. Hs patented TFC stands for “Trigger Factor Complex” and consists of amino acids and high-grade vitamins that harness the body’s innate renewal processes. His customers must learn their ABC – Activate, Boost and Commit.

The professor at the University of Leipzig believes the body is its best therapist. We just need to unlock our healing code to activate and orchestrate. Applied biotech helps. His high-priced is built on proprietary technology. The company was only founded in 2017.

Augustinus Bader skincare products

“The specialized compound TFC8 supports skin repair. You don’t need to purchase multiple products to see an improvement. As long as you have one product with TFC8, you will notice results.”

Augustinus Bader skincare products

Like his Body Cream, “Augustinus Bader” Hand Treatment cream is powered by the same patented TFC8 healing technology. “According to epigenetics, how we age is 30 percent dependent on our genes, but 70 percent is what you do with them,”  says Bader.

“Aristotle said, ‘we cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently.’ You have the means to change the direction of something that is set. The genes in your skin are set. You were born with them, and that is a given, but you can influence them. We all have the means to course-correct our cells and encourage them to work differently. As needed.”

Augustinus Bader skincare products

Victoria Beckham has collaborated with the Professor tapping into his stem cell behavior studies and his “actives”.

Adds Bader: “The innovation is specific knowledge of what the stem cells need to trigger your own skin to fix itself naturally. The formulas work in a targeted manner to integrate the skin physiology of the user. By using the skin as a natural bioreactor, the cream becomes uniquely personalized. The products are genuinely universal.

“Rather than using a single ‘hero’ ingredient, it’s a complex of more than 40 different ingredients – medical grade vitamins, lipids, proteins, amino acids which, in exact quantity and combination, constitute important building components for healthy skin. TFC8® is essentially a toolbox, providing the skin with everything it needs to fix the things that go wrong.

“All humans have the same innate repair potential. When your body’s natural regeneration processes are supported and nourished, you can achieve the best version of yourself.”