January 2021 sees the launch of a former lawyer and wine tourist’s exclusive transformative skincare cream. Zinda Beauty’s new Moisture Rose Cuvee showcases the beneficial properties of “Resveratrol” and other skin-enhancing natural ingredients, including apricot, rosehip, and Evening primrose found in and about vineyards. Zinda nourishes and smooths skin through intense moisture infusion. Inspiration for this new plant-sourced, artisanal, small batched beauty line stems from vineyards in the South of France.

Long island-based” Zinda Beauty” was founded by Caroline Levy, a retired attorney and Senior Assistant Dean of a law school,  and natural products expert Dave Grudzinski.  Their trademarked encapsulated Resveratrol derives from grapes.  Pinot Noir and St Laurent have high resveratrol levels, as do Champagne, mulberries, and vinegar.

On vacation in the Rhone region, Levy discovered a vineyard that made face cream. Rather than be a US distributor, she decided to create her own brand.

Bringing “Zinda” Beauty to the table took three years of development, “As a small batched product line, we are starting with a modest run to stay true to our brand quality, “adds Levy whose lab is in New Jersey. One day, Levy hopes “Zinda Beauty” will be available in wineries across the U.S.

“ We had envisioned a lovely launch party in Manhattan that just can’t happen now!” says Levy, who worked at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and was President of the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York and Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association, and on the board of Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert. “

“We want to be a big tent, all-encompassing, embracing, and welcoming.”