Shopping for a diamond is never an easy task. The difficulty occasioned with choosing one is attributable to lack of information on diamonds, the symbol, and commitment of what the rock means and its high value. Given that you have already decided to buy a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, it means you have already passed the hard part.

Buying precious stone calls for some planning. The steps outlined below should make it easier for you to find the desired engagement ring in no time. 

Prepare a Budget 

Setting a budget and sticking to it is perhaps the most crucial part of the diamond buying process. A diamond engagement ring shouldn’t be seen as a measure of how much you are willing to spend, but rather as your willingness to commit. Remember this during the shopping exercise and try not to get pressured to spend more than you can afford. 

No one wants regret to form part of their present or future when they have to tell a story of how they got engaged. Before setting a budget, embark on a thorough, high-level preliminary research focusing on the average price of a diamond. Compare this with the amount you are willing to spend and then look at the number of carats it will afford you. 


It’s recommended to allow yourself around one month for the search process. No one expects you to learn everything there’s to learn about precious stones in a single day. Don’t become obsessed with getting to learn everything about them; it might just drive you crazy. Taking more than a few weeks to select one may also cause you to start questioning your decision. 

The best time to buy a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring is when the research details are still fresh. There’s also a high probability you may end up forgetting some of the things you learned at the start of your research. Allow yourself enough time without taking too long. Also, remember it takes about two weeks to have a ring made unless it’s already present. 

yellow diamond

Prioritize Its Shape 

The diamond shape is among the foremost considerations buyers ought to make. The brilliant round cut is the most popular shape. But if you know that your partner prefers a different form, you can always lean towards what the love of your life fancies. Try to ensure you don’t find yourself selecting between varied shapes as the consideration, pricing, and styles vary a lot. 

The 4 C’s 

When you are done settling on the desired shape, it’s now time to polish up on the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity). Once combined, they help make up all the visual characteristics that buyers look for in a diamond. The 4Cs not only influence importance, but they also affect the process used to price the diamond. 


Once you have the desired diamond attributes combination, the odds are that you will still have a few remaining options. Although tempting, don’t select the least expensive diamond available. You may want to consider other attributes beyond the 4Cs when choosing a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring such as symmetry, fluorescence, and polish.