Collaboration is a big part of what Frances Wadsworth Jones does. The British jeweler has imagined new ways to showcase pearls for her latest collaboration with Motley, a novel e-commerce jewelry brand that bridges the gap between fine jewelry houses and high street jewelers.

Incorporating hints of rebellion, the ‘Screw You’ capsule collection with freshwater pearls and hardware-inspired elements is an artful take on jewelry. “I feel like this collection is one for the times we live in right now – a personal reaction to a world pandemic, institutionalized racism and sexism, climate change, leaders we cannot trust and so many other ‘givens’ that serve only a very few,” says Frances. “I feel like we need as much irreverent questioning as possible right now, even if just from our jewelry.”

Motley x Frances Wadsworth Jones

Rife with symbolism, the designs crafted in sterling silver and gold vermeil blend screws with pearls – and are aimed at challenging gender stereotypes and reflecting a bit more complexity. “Taking classically conservative and ‘feminine’ pearls and combining them with a common piece of hardware made precious seemed like a playful way to do that.”

Although the line now has just seven pieces – hoops, bangles, studs, pendants, rings, and necklace – more designs will be dropping soon. “It is never about trend, but about creating beautifully crafted pieces that challenge the status quo in some way,” says the London-based jeweler.

The ‘Screw You’ collection is her first foray into a middle-market price point. So, what drew her to Motley and its unique business model? “It was their brand ethos of democratizing good design that really appealed to me,” explains Frances. “That Bauhaus model for creating is hard to achieve for a fine jeweler like myself, so working with Motley has been great – I have been able to bring what I do to a different audience without compromising on quality or my spirit as a brand.”

The jewelry was crafted by Motley using their own specially selected craftspeople. For more information, click here