New York-based fine-jewelry brand MARLI by Maral Artinian harnesses inspirations from pop culture, urban life and fashion to craft wearable pieces. This one-year-old brand, with its lovely minimalistic interpretations in white, rose and yellow gold, has been garnering a lot of attention for its eye-catching designs. The brand recently unveiled its newest diamond embellished collection inspired by the scintillating New York city.

The Avenues line chooses New York and its labyrinthine avenues as the muse. Featuring collar, rings, bracelets and cuff earrings set in diamonds, the linear design elements of the city’s grid system find creative resonance in this collection by MARLI.


The Bar-Tack series draws upon the 90s nameplate jewelry and urban street style, reinforcing MARLI’s minimalistic design philosophy. The line features bracelet, necklace and double-finger ring.

Marli New York

The brand’s Pyramid collection if unarguably Louvre’s pyramids inspired by the aerial view of the courtyard. The three-dimensional motif is repeated to form a pattern on the rings, bracelets and earrings.

Marli New York

The choker, earrings, bracelets and rings that make up the Chelsea series are evocative of the linear park built on the elevated section of the High Line, an out-of-use railroad trestle in Manhattan. Linear forms add to the minimalistic appeal of the jewelry.

Inspired by the contemporary sculptor Mar Di Suvero, the IV series, featuring a collar, cuff earring, bracelets and rings, dwell upon the interplay between negative space and resulting shapes. The jewels are available at MARLINYC